Important changes to the Social Recruiter Leaderboard

As of the 28th of May, the Social Recruiter Leaderboard is changing how it ranks players.  

The data that we use to determine a player's position on the leaderboard comes from Rise, who use the Klout scoring mechanism to calculate social influence. Unfortunately, Klout is closing its service, so Rise have decided to move to a new algorithm - Kred.  

This means that Social Recruiter participants will now be ranked according to their Kred score. 

What’s your Kred?

Like Klout, Kred is a measure of influence and gives users a score (out of 1000) based on their ‘ability to inspire action’. This denotes the number and quality of social media engagements, including retweets, mentions and follows. 

Kred analyses a wider span of data and offers a more transparent service. 

Players will be able to visit their ‘Kredentials’ page and see a breakdown of their activity and exactly how their score was calculated. This will allow them to assess both their strengths and areas for improvement.  

We are excited by this move and believe it is a positive change for the leaderboard. 

How will this affect players on the leaderboard?

As Kred analyses more data points than Klout, agencies can expect significant movement on the board. This could be up or down, but we will be sharing advice over the coming weeks on how to increase your Kred score and improve your Social Recruiter ranking. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

You can find out more about how Kred works by reading their scoring guide.

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