Social Recruiter Spotlight: who are Kingsley?

Welcome to our spotlight series, a weekly celebration of the high achievers on our Social Recruiter Leaderboard.

This week it's the turn of Kingsley, who from their multiple UK branches, deliver quality recruitment solutions to the Construction, Engineering, Legal and Property sectors.

We recently asked them about their experiences of using social media, what they enjoy about it and whether they have any tips for other agencies wanting to become socially influential. 

What inspired you to join the #SocialRecruiter Leaderboard?

Kingsley decided to join the #SocialRecruiter Leaderboard as it is a showcase of the best recruitment consultancies in the UK, and it’s a great way for us to view our growing reach among candidates and clients.


Tell us a little about your #SocialRecruiter journey.

While Kingsley started out just posting to social media when we could, we quickly came to realise that it is one of the best ways to interact directly with professionals across the UK. This is why we now have a few members of staff who focus on posting updates and engaging with followers throughout the day.


What do you enjoy most about social media, and why?

Social media helps us to avoid the barriers that can sometimes be present when trying to recruit, as professionals are often happier to interact with Kingsley through these media, so it’s great to be able to engage with our clients and candidates quickly in a way that they enjoy.


How do you find time to concentrate on social media?

While we do use a program that schedules routine posts throughout the day, we also have a few colleagues that take the time out to make sure that our followers are getting the most out of their social job searches.


Do you produce your own unique content? If so, have you noticed an improvement in your social influence?

We do! Kingsley has a dedicated blog page for industry news, recruitment updates, and helpful advice for employers and those looking for work. By sharing these articles through our social platforms, we have noticed our reach steadily improve, especially as our followers seem to appreciate being offered valuable, helpful information for free.


Which campaign has been the biggest hit with your followers? Why do you think this connected so well with them?

Each year, a delegation from Kingsley attends the property event, MIPIM, in Cannes, France, and last year’s was the biggest for us so far. It connected so well with our followers as we recruit many property professionals, as well as interact with Prop-Tech employers, so we were playing to the right audience. We also used a combination of videos, images, and articles about the event, and it helped that Cannes is so photogenic!


What’s the one main business benefit you get out of social media?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one, as Kingsley makes use of social media to fulfil a number of goals, but extending our influence within the markets we target is perhaps the most important. We are fast reaching the stage where any legal or property professional will hopefully have heard of Kingsley before directly engaging with us, and this is largely down to our social reach.



How would you describe the personality of your business?

We’re approachable, yet professional, offering an authority on recruitment while making it clear that we’ll always go that extra mile for clients and candidates.


If your recruitment agency was an emoji, what would it be?

The shooting star!


What makes your recruitment agency distinct?

Kingsley is distinct due to our market knowledge. Not only do we specialise in legal and property recruitment, but over half of our consultants have previously worked in these fields, so they understand what job seekers and employers are going through.


Are there any exciting projects in the pipeline that you’d like to tell us about?

We are currently in the midst of a joint venture with Talent FM to better recruit facilities management professionals, and this burgeoning partnership looks set to deliver great results for all involved.


What advice would you give to new leaderboard sign-ups who are looking to climb?

Be sure to not only post routinely, but also to make sure that the content you are offering is pertinent to your audience, so that they gain value from your brand.

The Social Recruiter Leaderboard ranks recruitment agencies on their social media performance. Climb the board and you might feature in our next spotlight article! 
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