Agency Central's new website is on its way! So what's changed?

After many months of toiling, 'behind-the-scenes' blood sweat and tears, and occasional bumps in the road, our all-new website is finally set for launch!

It's easy to become sentimental over inanimate things. I've cried more times than I care to remember over old cars and worn-out shoes. Much like these things though, a website is something so frequently used, so functional, that it becomes hard not to take it for granted.

But, if there's any cure for this feeling, it's simply to upgrade and move on to better things. With this analogy in mind, it's safe to say our new website has been given the facelift and performance boost it deserved.

A familiar friend: our refreshed search bar now features improved functionality for job title searches

Increasing efficiency and relevance

To overhaul something is to 'break it down', piece by piece, analyse it in detail, then refine and rebuild it much better. 

While this is something we didn't undertake in a physical sense, the entire process of redesigning Agency Central was completed with a 'from the ground up' approach.

Speaking to Phil, Technical Director of Agency Central, we wanted to learn what the primary reason for change was, and why it will yield even more relevant candidate  and employer matches.

"These are challenging times for recruitment agencies, so we wanted a site that helps sell the benefits of using them over other, 'corner-cutting' forms of recruitment. For this, we felt it was important to create a new system that allows employers and candidates to get to the most relevant list of agencies as efficiently as possible.

Allowing users to search for agencies by a job role has never been achieved on a large scale before and it has taken us several years to build up a database that matches agencies directly to job roles. 

This reduces the time it takes to find relevant agencies and therefore improves the chance of an agency making a fee. It also keeps the agency at the centre of the recruitment process and, by introducing them to employers which they are more likely able to service, it should improve the employer's satisfaction and offer a better chance of repeat business."

We also create useful, factual content for recruitment agencies, employers and candidates

Phil goes on to highlight how listening to Agency Central's customers over the last 16 years, and understanding the progression of technology (along with the subsequent effects this has on process), he felt now was the right time to breath new life into our 'digital' home.

To explain exactly what's changed, we asked Phil some more key questions regarding the evolution of Agency Central ... 

Why did you decide to do this now after 15 years?

Technology moves at a frightening rate now and our old website didn't allow us access to some of the latest abilities, particularly in terms of content advancements and mobile optimisations. All technology is eventually rewritten and this was just our time.

What are the main differences between the old and the new site?

There are four major differences. It has a fresh new design which focuses even more on a positive user experience, the site has been cleverly designed for mobile use, there is an incredibly intelligent job title search, and finally the agency contact system now slides onto the screen a user is interacting with. Together, these provide a much more enjoyable experience for all users.

Has the core function of the site remained the same?

Yes, very much so. Our customers love what Agency Central does for them. After all of these years, we are still sending relevant client leads and candidates to the right agencies, and this hasn't changed.

How will the new site benefit the users, employers and candidates?

The key improvement will be in the job role search function. We've connected tens of thousands of roles to the system and it intelligently knows how to match these to job roles on Agency Central. We will be adding any further missing ones as we find them. The key benefit to users will be their ability to quickly find exactly the right job role and therefore the perfect list of agencies for them. Elsewhere, the site is more modern, focused and has a superb new mobile interface, so it will be quicker and more enjoyable to use.

Help is on hand when you need it: you now have the option to chat with one of our expert advisors

How will the new site benefit Recruitment Agencies?

We're all about the right users reaching the right agencies and the site will allow users to hone in on the right agencies more effectively, so we believe agencies will find leads are more targeted towards their particular specialisms. Future improvements will add even more features to improve this.

What plans are there for future improvements?

Customers don't always realise, but we release improvements to the site every few weeks on average. Currently, we have 15 versions of improvements already in the backlog with each version having around 6-7 changes, so there are plenty of plans for further enhancements. 
2017 and beyond: our clean new look provides an exciting platform for the foreseeable future ... 

So there you have it - straight from the horse's mouth. 

I should stress, It's never advised to refer to your boss as a horse.

It's an exciting time to be part of Agency Central, with this and the social recruiter leaderboards in full swing (2016's winner TBA next week), the company has a promising future ahead. 

Why not join us for the ride?


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