Introducing the social leaderboards!

Just how social are you?

And I'm not talking about you personally (as we already know 38.6% of the world's online population is now on Facebook) I'm talking about your company.

As far as careers go, working in recruitment is a pretty sociable one. Finding the best talent online isn't for the shy and retiring type, as you need to approach people, be approachable and provide consistent helpful information

By doing all of this you will build a wider online following, which will inevitably include more client contacts and potential candidates.




But how do I do that? 

Easy: be more active on social media.



What do we mean by active? 

My mum is on Twitter and her only tweet was to a shampoo competition back in 2011 - does that make her active? Nope, afraid not.

Being active on social media means attaining a certain level of consistency when it comes to posting new updates, sharing relevant content and reaching out to potential customers or clients. It's a process that can initially require perseverance but, once you get the ball rolling, you'll find your network can begin to expand rapidly.

Being effective on social media is different to being active though. Don't assume that you can just sign up to all platforms and start connecting with and following anyone. Your approach needs to be targeted and measured, always keeping in mind your end goal and reason for using social media in the first place. 

The more relevant an audience you build, the more concentrated reach your content will have.



So how do I measure my social activity against my competitors?

I'm glad you asked! With the Agency Central Social Recruiter leaderboard, we monitor hundreds of businesses (across many sectors) and rank them based on their social media presence, response and overall activity online. We do this with a well-balanced mix of witchcraft, wizardry and super-geeky analytics stuff. Mainly the analytics stuff.

For some starter tips, go and check out our medieval-themed infographic on how to scale the social media stronghold and become a master across all platforms.

Or, if you think you're ready to take your social media skills to the next level, join our leaderboards for free today!


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