Business Recruitment Plans 2016: Survey Results

The results are in from our big survey of 2016! We asked a wide range of companies about their recruitment plans for the year, hoping to give some scope on how trends, strategies and methods are changing with every year that goes by.

To give us a better idea of the context of our responses, let's take a look at the company location, size and sectors we surveyed...

Areas we looked to understand included reasons for company growth, how the economy is affecting recruitment and what the most popular methods of recruitment have been in 2016. We can see that the economy has had at least some effects on almost 63% of the businesses we asked. And while referrals networking remains a popular method of recruiting, using recruitment agencies was the runaway leader.

Fast becoming a commodity to recruitment, social media is an interesting model when it comes to sourcing talent. We thought it would be useful to know how important social media is to companies as part of their recruitment plans, and whether LinkedIn is still the top dog when it comes to preferred platforms.

While the majority of companies surveyed admitted that social media played little or no part in their recruitment this year, we did receive some positive words about it and definite plans to use it in the future.

Finally, we asked businesses whether they planned on recruiting any graduates this year, if they experienced any skill shortages during their recruitment drives, and what the most in demand roles have been so far. While graduate recruitment wasn't a major focus for the companies surveyed, there was good news in the fact that the majority of them reported having little or no shortage of skilled individuals for their vacancies.

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