Highest paying tech jobs in 2015

Tech jobs are everywhere and as the IT Industry continues to develop into new and exciting areas, it is accompanied by an array of complicated and seemingly ambiguous job titles.

If you're wondering which discipline is best for your bank account, or you're just curious about the state of the industry, here is a selection of some of the highest paying tech jobs in 2015. If after reading this you decide you want a job in the IT Industry, check out our broad range of IT recruitment agencies across the country.

Chief information security officer (CISO) (£70K-£130K)

You just know that any job title that needs to be abbreviated must be important and that's certainly the case for chief information security officers (try repeating that like a tongue twister). A CISO is essentially a walking and talking antivirus who is responsible for ensuring that all of an organisation's digital information is protected from unauthorised access (viruses, international spies etc). It's a little less James Bond than it might sound, but CISOs are relied upon to keep data secure and must know how to respond when security is breached. 

Software Architect (£60K-£100K)

Not quite a professional Minecraft player, a software architect is a creature of creative habit who will design and develop software platforms on behalf of an organisation. They will meet clients, gain an understanding of their needs and then design bespoke software before leading a team of developers to build it. This combines coding, user experience and aesthetic/practical design. 'Astronaut architect' and 'ivory tower' are often thrown around to describe those who leave developers with complex plans that work better in theory than in practice, but top senior architects are an invaluable part of the software building process. 

IT manager (£40K-£60K)

It might sound like the archetypical boring job, but the role of IT manager is a lot more interesting (and a lot more well paid) than the IT Crowd would have us believe. IT managers oversee the technical side of a business and will manage and advise on all things remotely techy; ranging from systems integration to software development.

Senior IT managers in large London firms can potentially earn £100K+, however the average is closer to half of that with many choosing to become self employed.  

Data scientist (£40K+)

The role of data scientist is certainly not for the numerical illiterate as undisputed clever clogs explore an infinite amount of 'big data' all in the name of corporate gain. Though it's unconfirmed that they dream in binary, data scientists must use maths, algorithms and intuition in order to mould business strategies. This data will be used to analyse current performance, predict future trends and construct marketing campaigns. Part analytical whiz and part business thinker, data scientists are the 'sexy' industry professionals with truly top talent often proving elusive for those that operate beneath the tech giants.  

Mobile apps developer (40K+)

From time stealing games to diet planners, mobile app developers are the facilitators of the touch screen lifestyle that has enslaved our thumbs over the last decade. These code and programming aficionados are responsible for all of those memory absorbing downloads that has supported the smart device age from it's infancy. Apple, Windows and Android are considered the the leading mobile platforms, with the latter typically rewarding it's app developers with the highest potential salaries. Who knew that there were real life people to blame for your Candy Crush addiction?

UX Designer (£30K-£50K)

Don't you think UX designer sounds like a cool fashion brand? Well in reality it stands for user experience and designers of which find themselves responsible for how a user interacts with their application or product. Apps, websites and software companies will all commonly employ a UX designer who will ensure that their product is engaging, good looking and simple to use. Tech giants such as Facebook and Spotify will pay UX staff handsomely, but even your average designer can command £40K+.

The technology landscape is forever changing with the sector constantly giving rise to new and advanced job roles (who knows, your next job might not even exist yet). Nonetheless, our list of some of the highest paying tech jobs in 2015 demonstrates that there's potentially a large financial reward for those who can develop the skills to break into this exciting and industry.

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