Mother's Day: why mums make good recruiters

With the dawn of another hallmark holiday upon us, we're here to pay tribute to the driving force behind every family, business and social change; mums.

Though the effects on the brain of 'In The Night Garden' have gone as of yet unstudied, we believe that the skills developed during motherhood are ideal for a career in recruitment. From doing a million tasks at once to finding a new level of tolerance, here's why we think mums make good recruiters.

Multitasking is a (not so) secret power

If you thought juggling clients was difficult, try simultaneously preparing breakfast, checking homework, tying shoelaces, unloading the dishwasher and drinking coffee.all whilst carrying around another little life. Mums are the masters of multitasking and make balancing CVs, candidates and employers look like childs play (quite literally!). Performing numerous tasks at once is just part of the mum job spec and a 2011 study even revealed that working parents spend 40% of their waking hours multitasking. So why does it always feel like you never get anything done?!?!

Organisation is the key to success

Why is it that with all the spreadsheets, management systems and Siri notifications (or Cortana, I'm not here to start an OS war) is it still impossible to get organised? We already know that recruiters are constantly spinning plates and so it's essential to demonstrate some order and discipline to ensure that we don't have a Greek celebration on our hands. Although it might not always seem like it, mums understand the importance of routine and no amount of emails, CVs and client calls is a match for a trusty fridge calendar.     

They can solve any problem

From sticking broken toys back together to explaining where babies come from (the stalk, right?), mums are forever faced with a diverse range of Crystal Maze-esque challenges that keep their problem solving skills well and truly honed. These analytical qualities are constantly tested in the recruitment industry where concurrently dealing with so many factors is inevitably going to produce a few hiccups. Mums know just how to handle hiccups, headaches and hives though and will have all the answers to any predicament.

Patience is a virtue and a necessity

They were there through the teen years and now Take That are back to give guidance in motherhood; with their words of 'just have a little patience' proving apt for both new mums and recruiters. Patience certainly is a virtue and whether it's chasing uncontactable candidates or trying to control a herd of little monsters (monsters move in herds don't you know), mums and recruiters need tolerance in abundance. Ask which job she'd rather do though, and no doubt mum would tell you that chasing candidates instead of children sounds like a day off!

Intuition (mother knows best)

Right up there with voodoo and divining rods, mother's intuition is a mysterious force that can prove to be far more effective than any amount of skill tests and social media stalking. Rightly or wrongly, a candidate's future can often rest in the hands of a 'gut feeling' with many recruiters admitting to favouring their instincts over what they can read in black and white. Now whether or not mother's intuition can be applied professionally is a cause for debate, but if mum's can predict the suitability of an applicant as accurately as they can the sex of their unborn child, then the adage that 'mother knows best' should certainly be stamped across a few more business cards.

And Finally..

It's assumed by some that time out of the workforce to raise a child leaves you ill-prepared to re-enter it, however the skills you pick up as a mum are more transferable to the world of work (and recruitment) than you might think. Okay, so CVs might not have the same wow factor as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and applicant tracking systems may not be as user friendly as a Leapfrog Leappad, but mums still possess all the skills to be top recruiters.

Happy Mother's Day!

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