Why it's okay to love Monday mornings

Okay, so getting out of bed this morning might have been exceptionally difficult and Friday is still another four days away, but we don't think Mondays quite deserve their reputation for being the worst day of the week.

Whether you get productive, get prepared or just get positive, we're here to remind you of why it's okay to love Monday mornings.

It's another chance for a new start

Just like February promptly closes the chapter on another new years resolution, weekly lifestyle changes seldom make it to the close of The One Show on Wednesday night. Fortunately, another Monday is never more than seven days away and what better time to introduce your latest health kick or office mantra than from the onset of your left to right journey on the calendar. New starts might not be everlasting but at least Monday gives you a definite starting point and always an excuse to put off that diet for another couple of days.

That 'Sunday night feeling' is another six days away

Do you know what's worse than that Monday morning feeling? That Sunday night feeling. The unsettling limbo between freedom and responsibility is an unfortunate inevitability of the 9 to 5 and one that few of us ever become accustomed to. There's no need to stretch for the dregs of Friday's Prosecco though, as Monday soon comes around to banish the post Antiques Roadshow blues to the furthest reaches of the diary. So while Monday morning may leave us bleary eyed and sluggish, at least Sunday night is behind us (and a long way in front of us).

Be thankful it's not Tuesday

Anyway, studies suggest that Monday is only the tip of the iceberg as Tuesday claims the title for most miserable day of the week. Sure, nobody enjoys the contrast between a lazy Sunday afternoon and a stressful office morning but the break of the last 48 hours manages to lower the back tension enough to take the strain. Midweek holds no such silver lining though and with the memory of the last lie-in and the prospects of the next both seeming so far away, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the real enemies.

You get to sing 'Manic Monday' ALL day

You can Walk Like an Egyptian any day of the week, but today is all about succumbing to another Bangles *classic* and giving this Manic Monday the true musical tribute it deserves. In fact, The Bangles, Boomtown Rats, Fleetwood Mac, New Order and even Jimmy Buffett can all contribute to a relatable Monday playlist that allows us to blank out the other human beings on the morning commute. Though it'll never quite top Calpol or lavender candles, music is definitely a remedy and what better way to reduce Monday morning stress than by listening to these day appropriate tunes!

The weekend countdown starts here!

Wooooo! The weekend countdown is on and with only 96 hours to go, it's time to start making plans. You can't make Saturday arrangements too soon and with only a small window of opportunity before the rest of life crams your to-do list, Monday is the optimum point to work some fun into the schedule. Regardless of how you feel about your job, we all need something to keep us going and having weekends plans from the start of the week will make the days go so much faster.

Consider it a break (Shh)

I know we all love our kids, families and significant others, but sometimes two days can just be a little too much, y'know? Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure that given the choice between home and work, the former would win nine times out of ten; but there should certainly be no shame in acknowledging Mondays as a mini break from the Peppa Pigs and occasional dysfunction of family life. It's also the chance to reintroduce ourselves into the real grown-up world and have real adult conversation with other real adults - I'm not a bad person, honest.

We need Mondays to appreciate the weekend

You need the lows to appreciate the highs and you need Monday to appreciate the weekend. We've all fantasised about dropping Mondays from our working week and having three day weekends instead; but then what happens to Tuesday? Well Mondays' close relative soon becomes our new scapegoat and Wednesday starts looking nervously over it's shoulder. Mondays are the great emotional leveller and allow us to enjoy Fridays all the more for knowing that we've earned them.

It may not be the immediate prelude to another weekend, but Monday isn't all bad. It's generally the day to get things done and the only time of the week where not everything is decided. Sure, we'd all rather be in bed or preparing for a day that doesn't involve email, but that doesn't mean that we can't find reasons to fall in love with Monday mornings (ish).

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