St Patrick's Day: How successful people get career lucky

Top o' the mornin to ya and happy St Patrick's Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Do you ever wonder how successful people manage to have good fortune all year round though? Well professional triumphs go beyond shamrocks and wishing wells and we think that we've uncovered the true secrets to how successful people get career lucky.

Seize opportunities

You've no doubt heard that fortune favours the brave and nobody ever became 'lucky' by refusing to down that final dram of whisky (metaphorically of course) and explore new opportunities. In the mad rush of 21st century living, opportunities commonly pass us by as we fail to distinguish them from the typically trivial occurrences of the day to day. Successful people recognise these chances though and aren't afraid to take a few risks if they think the potential reward is worth it. The outcome of these rolls of the dice may or may not be down to luck though, so let's just hope there's a few loose pennies lying around.

Trust their instincts

Whether it's a nagging voice in your head or a gut feeling you just can't ignore (one that isn't Guinness induced!), instincts are the inexplicable driving force behind the inherently successful. Our professional intuition is often devoid of all logic but allows us to make quick decisions, seize opportunities and leave our comfort zones. It's not always easy to place your trust in nothing more than a 'feeling' though, however the difference between the lucky and the commonly less so is the ability to have confidence in that 'hunch' and act on it.

Work ethic

Hard work is the foundation for all success and no amount of horseshoes, wishbones or four leaf clovers will ever replace dedication and toil. I know this isn't the best news for those of us idly sitting back and waiting for a shooting star, but there's ultimately no reward without sacrifice. After all, it's no coincidence that the most successful entrepreneurs work the longest hours with Jack Dorsey, Richard Branson and Tim Cook all confessing to rolling out of bed to the soundtrack of buzzing street lights. As we all know, the harder you work, the luckier you get!

Clear objectives

How do you expect to achieve what you want without knowing exactly what that is? Lucky people can visualise their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and are able to plan proactive and achievable steps in order to obtain it. Not everyone knows their 'true calling' or where they want to be in five years time, but failing to have a few defined goals can see hours and effort wasted on some less than fruitful channels. Though there's no harm in dreaming big, achieving realistic short term targets naturally breeds success and can eventually lead to that glowing pot of enchanted coins.


Those who dare to become something more than a 9-5 zombie will undoubtedly find some soul destroying barriers in the way, but perseverance should at least see you make it to sunrise. EVERY successful person you follow on Twitter or have seen on The One Show will have faced failure at some point. Simon Cowell's maiden venture, E&S Music, collapsed in it's first year; whilst JK Rowling was living off government benefits during the writing of the Harry Potter series. While you may believe that these household names have received some lucky breaks along the way, it's largely their never give up attitude that led them onto the Time's rich list (and money of course).

Whether you create your own or it's dispensed at the whim of the universe, successful people know that luck is as much a state of mind as it is a force of fortune. So however you choose to celebrate the day, remain positive, prepared and productive and fortuity shall surely follow.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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