How to banish the January blues

I hate to bring it to your attention but January is well and truly here and the only remains of Christmas exist in the glitter that you still can't get off your onesie.

Now while a post yuletide hangover is to be expected, we don't all have to succumb to this time of year which is typically devoid of any get up and go. So it's time to reinstill that skip in your step, challenge the season and banish the January blues.

Make plans

Much of what gets us down at this time of year is not having anything to look forward to in the wake of the three month Christmas countdown that followed summer. Now while the Hallmark holidays never seem to end, the lack of social engagements lighting up our desktop calendars acts as a stark reminder that the tree is down and the poolside lounger is still a six month diet away. So book a weekend break, buy tickets for a show or promise the other half a romantic evening. After all; the less routine, the more life.

Embrace the great outdoors

The weather outside might still be frightful, but that's no excuse to spend your Saturdays staring blankly at the moving picture box. Serotonin, our mood balancing hormone, gets a boost from the natural sunlight that might typically be in short supply during the winter working week; so use your free time to don that funky bobble hat and explore the great outdoors. As well as rosy cheeks and a tomato soup craving, a brisk January walk or bike ride will also help release the bodies happy chemicals (endorphins) helping to combat the early year blues.

Food, glorious food

Though the annual food and drink binge may have had us reaching for a Yakult, our minds are never too far away from our bellies with the persistent cold winds and film noir weather having us yearning for a bit of comfort. Now while breakfast TV 'chefs' and newspaper dieticians may be quick to promote the invigorating effects of healthy eating, it might just be the guilty pleasures that drag you through the winter months. Oily fish, fruit and whole grains are all undoubtedly welcome contributors to the brain food spectrum, but don't beat yourself up if you happen to devour an entire tin of biscuits or throw yourself into a chocolate fountain a la Dawn French. Food, like life, is all about balance.

What time is it? It's 'me' time

If you had to endure a National Lampoon style Christmas, you'll certainly be forgiven for craving a bit of 'you' time? or 'me' time? which person am I writing this in.? Anyway, a few moments spent in peace with a good book or one of those box sets you found under the tree could just be the remedy to clear a cluttered mind. The December festivities can be as taxing as they are treasured so it's important to take some time out, relax and look forward to a few cosy evenings with your feet up.

Let it go.

Frozen. Just watch Frozen.

Few of us enjoy the transition into a new year as we settle back into the day to day routine we were so looking forward to escaping in the lead up to Christmas. Those who are finding it particularly difficult to cope with the return to work should seek professional help as this may be due to more than just the page of the calendar. Nonetheless, it's important to remember that summer sun is just around the corner and the Christmas countdown is a mere 10 months away. 

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