Day 9 of 12 days of Christmas - ladies dancing: What not to do at the office party

The ninth day of Christmas is a time when Ladies take to the dance floors in groups of 9. This time of year is usually when the office christmas party takes place, a time where professionalism and alcohol chaotically mix, but fear not young newbies! For we're here with the answers to the question burning through your mind - what shouldn't you do at the office party?

1. Don't Unleash Your Inner Kevin Bacon

They say you should dance like no one is watching. In some scenarios this may be the case, however at the office party it most certainly is not. If the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards have taught us anything, it's that dancing like no one is watching will lead to a Miley Cyrus style twerking marathon that will land you in the companies bad books. So by all means cut loose, footloose, but dance like your peers are watching.

2. Don't Forget Your Table Manners

If you're going out for a meal, don't leave your table manners at home. It doesn't matter how tasty your Crab Rangoon is. For the sake of your dignity, don't approach it like the Cookie Monster. Nothing is worse than walking past the water cooler, only to realise that the main topic of the month is how many Ferrero Rocher you managed to get in your mouth (it was 5.)

3. Don't Be a Drunken Flirt

We've explored the pros and cons of office romances and the office party is a prime time for office romances to blossom as everyone dreams of love under the mistletoe (but would you if you knew what it really was?). Whilst the hunk from the marketing department may delightful, you don't want the water cooler topic to be how the two of you 'accidentally' got locked inside the Janitor's cupboard.

4. Don't Dress for a Night Out

Remember that whilst this is still technically a night out, it's probably not an appropriate occasion to whip out the little black dress and flaunt your stuff. The apparel for the office party usually mirrors office wear, so wearing something similar to what you wore to work is a surefire way to make sure that you are dressed appropriately - but just in case, you can always ask whether it's formal or casual attire.

5. Don't Be a Wallflower

Whilst there certainly are perks of being a wallflower, simply blending in to the background won't help your career. The office party is a great way to introduce yourself to those in departments you would never normally get chance to talk to. So get your back up off the wall and interact with those outside your comfort zone. You never know who will be able to get you a foot up the corporate ladder.

6. Don't Gossip

After a few drinks, your verbal filter seems to malfunction and you end up gossiping about people you shouldn't, probably your boss. This is definitely a big no-no at the work party, you know, because he himself is there. The topic of work as a whole should probably be left out as you're there all week and the less you have to talk about it in the real world, the better.

7. Don't Forget Your Limits

This should go without saying, but there's always that one person who needs to be carried into a taxi after twelve too many glasses of free champagne. Don't be that guy/girl. Moderation is a wonderful thing and your ability to be drunk under the table should be reserved for your friends along with the twerking and the little black dress. Getting tipsy is acceptable, but getting so drunk that you're called into HR with a brutal hangover the next day is never fun.

8. Don't Forget to Thank the Organisers

Manners are cool and someone put a lot of effort into setting this up and they deserve some credit. Whether the party turns out to be a Die Hard disaster or if it's a hilarious, fun packed night that doesn't require intervention from John McClane. It doesn't have to be a big thing, just a quick email the next day will make you look appreciative and maybe even create a few contacts in other departments.

9. Don't be Fashionably Late

Sure, when you were in the second half of your teenage years, it was cool for you to turn up to a party an hour and a half late with a bottle of Lambrini in one hand and some WKD in the other, but now you're an adult and you've already tried to forget those memories. The etiquette of an office party is massively different from the ones your friend Tony used to host. Your boss has organised this and expects attendees to be punctual - there's nothing fashionable about bad manners.

10. Don't Hog the Karaoke

Karaoke is usually fun after a lot of drinks, but if the boss has brought in a karaoke machine, it is not the time to unleash your inner diva. Sure you can do one or two renditions of Katy Perry, but when it's your sixth time on the microphone, serenading your boss with Rick James' 'Super Freak' and uncomfortable prolonged eye contact, it's probably time to call it quits.

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