Day 10 of 12 days of Christmas - 10 lords-a-leaping: What makes a happy executive?

The tenth day of Christmas require 10 Lords to start leaping, as unlikely as it may be that 10 male members of the royal family will get together and follow House of Pain's instructions (Jump Around.) However, tt is possible to make the lords of business jump for joy this Christmas.

If Dilbert Comics are anything to go by, a company's executives are older men who have no idea how the company works. In reality this couldn't be further from the truth as older executives know exactly what they need to do. They also wield a large amount of corporate power (which comes with corporate responsibility) so keeping them happy is a very good idea.


Unfortunately, executives aren't cats, so rubbing their belly and telling them they're good will only antagonise them. However, there are a few things around the office you can do to appease them.


Career fulfillment

One of the the biggest causes of employee turnaround comes from everyones quest to find fulfillment within their career. If your executives feel like they are being challenged by their work and that they're receiving adequate responsibilities, they'll stick with their job like they were covered in glue.


Everyone loves to hear that they may be eligible for a promotion. The extra works and challenges that come with it are perfectly complimented with a higher paycheck and some nice perks; what more could an executive want?


Make my Minions (Professionally) Grow!

The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Your employees have beaten the competition to earn their title as executive and part of your elite dream team. They've grown from the shy office newbie to a sales god, capable of selling mince pies to Santa Claus.


If you keep teaching your executives new things, they can constantly improve their work. Alongside the professional growth, they can supply feedback on the current way certain things work, which could bring some processes to the 21st century.


Praise Them Like you Should

Whilst rubbing the bellies of your executives won't work, praise is always a good way to recognise their achievements. Making sure you thank them for all the extra effort and hours they've put in to ensure all the hiccups and kinks were ironed out before the deadline dawned.


Your executives will appreciate the fact that you've taken the time to recognise how hard they've been working. Letting your star players know the company appreciates them increases the chances that they will stay happy with their job.



Sometimes giving praise means becoming Father Christmas. Incentives and gifts are a great way to show personnel how much their contributions mean to you. Whether it be a bottle of wine for closing a deal, or a pay rise based on their performance, try channeling your inner Saint Nick and getting into the Christmas spirit.


Clear Career Path

Whilst an executive position may come with a pay package and lots of perks, it's not the final goal for a lot of people who want to shoot for the stars. There is still a long way to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll) and the ambitious executives want to get there as soon as possible.


Outlining a career plan to the determined members of staff who have climbed the corporate ladder faster than a Fireman with the Benny Hill theme song on their iPod, shows that you want them to reach their full potential and shows that you're interested in long term career development.



No one wants to be stuck in a company where they have no chance of career progression, so if you want to keep your executives happy, become the boss of Christmas future and talk about where they could potentially be in the next few Christmases.


Listen to Them

Executives are in the role because they have worked hard and deserve to be there and you trust their decision making skills enough to have raised them to a senior management role. With experience comes knowledge and your executives will have a lot of wisdom to share with you. Choosing to ignore their insight is a quick way to lose those who believe their foresight would be appreciated elsewhere.


Without advice from the three ghosts, Scrooge would have died alone and despised. Don't be Scrooge, listen to some of the great insider knowledge your executives can offer you.


Clear Goals

A company that doesn't make its goals clear will find that the employee turnover is reminiscent of a Macy's revolving door during the christmas period. Clear goals mean that each department know their targets and why exactly they need to reach them, allowing teams to synergise and creating a more successful, profitable business.


Your top players love it when things go well. Executives love success and if your company can remain strong in this brutal world, your employee of every month will not be preparing to jump ship.



Whilst Scrooge ran a tyrannical regime within his workplace, he still managed to retain his best worker (Bob Cratchit or Kermit the Frog depending on the version.) It's often wondered how he did this, but one answer could lie in his clear business goals - retain as much money as possible.


Good Management

Arguably one of the key reasons that a business is successful is due to the effectiveness of the chain of management. In charge of coordinating tasks, organising the necessary resources and ensuring everything is completed as planned is what keep the cogs of business turning.


Your favourite executives aren't going to stick around in a company that has a management with no communication as it makes them look bad when things go wrong. You've made them executives for a reason - because they're good at what they do - so if they don't seem to be doing the right things, is there a problem with communications throughout the business?


Personalised Stationery

The perfect Christmas present for any members of senior management. It's no secret that those who purchase ludicrously detailed business cards loves things with their name on, one of these pens with their name etched into the lid is the perfect christmas present for these flashy execs.


Armed with sleeves with their initials embroidered on, your executives are the modern day Del Boys of their department and you want to keep them rising through the ranks, turning bad deals into profits and slowly helping you fulfil your Scrooge McDuck fantasy.  


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