Day 2 of 12 days of Christmas - 2 turtle doves: Pros and cons of an office romance

O come all ye faithful and prepare for another season of avoiding the mistletoe and sidestepping the amorous advances of a not so silver fox. Of course, in this festive time of love and sharing, poor life choices aren't so far behind as the hopeless not romantics endeavor to prevent another Christmas home alone.watching Home Alone.


Although their success will mirror more that of Santa with Muscles than It's a Wonderful Life, office romances have become as much a part of Christmas as receiving fluffy handcuffs from a secret santa who's nothing more than a fleeting acquaintance.


Like choosing which pair of socks to buy your dad this year, the decision to pursue an office romance shouldn't be taken lightly as it will undoubtedly have a huge impact on both your personal and professional life.






They could be the one


Whether you believe in soulmates or you take more of a Joan Collins approach to love, a surprising 30% of office romances end in marriage. Monica Lewinsky is proof that you can't help who you fall in love with *cough* and when you're spending five days a week in close proximity with the same people, you're likely to accidentally rub up against at least one of them. Although not every workplace relationship comes straight out of the script of a snowy set romcom, the potential of finding 'the one' surely makes all the twos, threes and fours well worth it.


Love = MC Productivity


If you've ever found yourself lost within the harmonious glow of Brad and Angelina, you'll know exactly what I'm on about when I say that love is contagious. Even Katie Hopkin's heart is susceptible to a bit of Love Actually so imagine the uplifting effect that the happy couple can have on their colleagues. Loved up workers are happy workers and happy workers are productive workers, although this doesn't mean Mills and Boon readings should become part of the weekly schedule.


In sync (not NSYNC)


At least until they invent an app for loneliness, varying work demands make new relationships seemingly impossible and an office romance appears to offer infatuation in a convenient little package. Due to the fact that your days are effectively already synced, you have the optimum amount of time to get to know each other.erm.better. Besides the benefits of sharing the same work hours, no one will understand the strains of your career better than someone who sits at a desk just 20ft away (apart from maybe someone who sits 5ft away).





Favouritism is inevitable


Whether it's love, lust or just an ulterior motive to get to the top, having a less than secret relationship with someone higher up the ladder will do nothing to help your professional reputation. In these situations, favouritism or bias is almost unavoidable and if colleagues can sense.special privileges, then you should expect things to go missing from your desk a lot more often.


Feuds can bring tension to the office


If Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone have taught us anything, it's that compromise and dispute soon follow the honeymoon period, and that San Diego is named after a.never mind. A new relationship that's showing signs of longevity is always prone to a few arguments, but these can prove to be more detrimental when they coincide with your career. As much as your coworkers will love to hear about how she's still texting her ex or that he's a massive control freak who loves wearing bubblewrap underwear (and believe me, they will) it will do nothing more than create an uncomfortable atmosphere and a juicy piece of gossip.


The break up


Perhaps the biggest barrier to any office romance is the potential break up. Though love can conquer all, it can't always conquer itself, it seems, with the majority of relationships ending in a not always amicable split. While this can be difficult at the best of times, being contractually obliged to face the other person everyday can make work almost as awkward as being trapped in a crowded lift with all of your exes.and Noel Edmonds.


With the work life balanced distinctly one sided, it's inevitable that romances will develop within the confines of the daily grind. Workplace relationships can work though, but it's important to keep all office interactions strictly professional or risk the possibility of being both single and unemployed by the New Year.


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