New Years Resolutions in the Office

As we usher out the 2019 and welcome version 2020 into our lives there are many hopes and expectations: love, financial gain and happiness. It's also a prime time to make a New Year resolution that statistically you won't keep until the end of the January, never mind the year.

However, this year you may be bored of vowing to eat healthy and you just don't have the time to volunteer. So why not make a resolution you can utilise in the office to increase your value within the workplace.

Work Smarter

So, last year you missed out on the sales team trip because you just fell short of the targets set by management at the beginning of the fiscal year. Well this year, things will be different as you're going to make sure you keep track of your sales and you're going to earn that place on the staff retreat.

Whilst jotting down your total sales is a start, to truly begin to work smarter, you need to plan and assess how you're going to utilise the stats and figures at your disposal to create your very own, sales based Cinderella story.

Make Yourself Irreplaceable

There's 7 billion people on this planet and at least 12 of them are better qualified for your job. As much as your office may love you, you need to give them a reason to keep you around. So this New Year, resolve to be irreplaceable.

Whether it's your knack of coming up with creative ideas during meetings or having an unparallelled sales record, find something that makes you unique and roll with it.

Are you a Leader or a Manager?

Much like a tourist trap fridge magnet describes fatherhood, the same phrase can be used for management - anyone can be a manager, but it takes someone special to be a leader. So it's time to take a step back from your hierarchy, and decide are you a leader or a manager? are you Optimus Prime or Bill Lumbergh?

If you find your team seems to be uninspired when working with you, your should definitely make your New Year's resolution to improving from a manager to a leader all your colleagues can trust.

Utilise Tools

No one likes that person who always requests emails be sent to him again because he doesn't know how to utilise the search function on his account. Nor do people appreciate the person who always turns in their projects after the deadline because you didn't remind them of the deadline - despite them having a perfectly good calendar that they could have recorded it on.

This New Year, let's all resolve to never be that person and to learn the tools we have at our disposal to make our own, and our colleagues lives that much easier.

Delegate More

Just because you're the big boss man, doesn't mean you have to take all the tasks on yourself, you have a team that dedicate themselves to the projects you decide to take upon yourself.

You're not Hercules, and trying to carry every task and responsibility which makes its way to your department will inevitably crush you. Utilise your team, share the workload and you'll see fantastic results returned whilst your employees will enjoy having more responsibilities.

Take some 'Me' Time

Life isn't all about work, you spend roughly 35 hours of your week sat in your cubicle/office typing away at the computer. It can only be assumed that you don't want to be continuing that trend for the few hours you get at home, before you're forced to retire to your bed.

Whether it's a new hobby or a relaxing radox filled bath after work, some time dedicated to making sure you can relax before you start a new day will completely change your outlook on office life.  

Organise Yourself

Your desk may be filled with empty coffee mugs and stray pieces of paper that no longer have a home, but fear not you messy individual; it can be cleaned. Whilst it may have the all the pre-clean hype of an epic battle, an organised system, a bin and some elbow grease to remove those coffee rings is all you need.

Let's be honest, your desk will get cluttered as your project goes on and that's perfectly acceptable. A 2013 study showed that a messy desk promotes creative thinking and new ideas, whilst a tidy desk promoted motivation.

Broaden Your Network

No one wants to stay in the same place forever, and if you want that promotion to the department you've been waiting your entire career for, then you'd better be prepared for it. Increasing your network of contacts throughout the business is a great way to get your foot on the ladder.

However for a truly broad network, one must look far and wide. Volunteering your time and dedicating it to going to seminars is a great way to network with professionals from different companies. Your soon to be business besties can teach you a lot; maybe they use a different program that is better suited for your team than the one you currently use.

The new techniques, tools and concepts you pick up from your ever increasing network, will show your dedication to rising through the company. If your resolution is usually to get a raise, then maybe this year you should try this instead.

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