How everyone should end 2014

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Or are you more of a 'YOLO' meme kind of person who doesn't have time to take heed of Robert Burns' rhetorical suggestions?

Regardless of which camp you sit in, another calendar year is hastily coming to a close and the need to take advantage of the transition into 2015 is ever pressing. With that in mind, what should you really be doing to get the most out of the end of the year?

Acknowledge the small victories

Though it often feels that life gets in the way, you'll probably be surprised at just how much you've accomplished in the preceding pages of your Cliff Richard calendar. It's the small victories that make up life and whether you finally got that pay rise or beat the mince pie eating record, it's worth taking a moment to feel good about yourself. Remember, it's not the size of the victory that counts, but how you use it.

Set goals, not resolutions

A resolution is a goal that's not going anywhere so don't waste your time making aimless and unrealistic promises before Big Ben chimes it's bells. New years resolutions usually revolve around inhibiting your guilty pleasures and that's why by the time cupid shoots it's arrow in mid February, we're back to smoking 20 a day and Facebook stalking (how can I not click on that album?!!?!). So start setting positive goals that you might actually enjoy achieving and is likely to fill you with some sense of pride. Maybe this is the year you quit the rat race for your dream career? Perhaps you've always wanted to travel? Or maybe, just maybe, you're finally going to wear stilts and tango with a friend's elderly relative at midnight.

Tie up loose ends

Tie up loose ends or you'll fall and break your neck. wait. that might be shoelaces. Nonetheless, making sure that all those little niggling jobs get done before you open the last few doors on the advent calendar will mean you can enter the new year with renewed vigour and fresh ideas. Whether it's a yet to meet work deadline or an unresolved relationship issue better suited to Jeremy Kyle than a civilised coffee, loose ends are designed to trip you up just when you think you're moving forward.

Think of others

You know those overly assertive people in the high street who stand around with buckets and make wallflowers out of passers-by? Well it turns out that they're actually well intentioned folk who are trying to collect donations on behalf of charitable organisations. Who knew? Though Christmas isn't always the kindest of seasons on the purse strings, we should take a leaf out of Band Aid's song sheet and remember those who aren't lucky enough to share in festive peppermint lattes and secret santa panic. Whether it's a company donation to a worthy cause (which are obviously always a selfless act with no PR spin in mind.) or just buying this year's forgettable charity single, lets try and be better people for just a little while.

Eat, drink and be merry

Tis the season to be jolly so maybe spend a little less time at the computer and a little more time in front of the TV. erm, I mean with friends and family. Not every Christmas comes straight out of the set of a John Lewis advert, but this doesn't mean you can't can't celebrate this holly jolly season with a pen-grin (see what I did there?). So eat, drink and be merry, because January's only just around the corner and those flickering lights will soon be nothing but a mulled wine induced blur. "Fa la la la la la la la la."

So enjoy the festive season and be prepared to rush out of the blocks at the dawn of 2015. Here's to another year!

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