Day 5 of 12 days of Christmas - 5 gold rings: The highest paid jobs of 2014


A selection of 5 Gold Rings is the gift that those who strictly abide to the 12 days of Christmas usually give on the fifth day. However, Gold Rings can be really expensive and you have just found out that you need to get presents for your extended family as well!


Let's be honest now, if someone needs 5 Gold Rings, then they probably have a Sonic the Hedgehog related addiction or they're Lil Wayne. So now you've been left with a tough choice - either skimp out on everyone elses presents this Christmas, or you get one of these high paid jobs.


If you're still seriously considering following the 12 days of Christmas to the letter, then you're in luck as we've compiled a list of the 10 highest paid jobs in the UK just for you.



10. Legal professionals


Ranging from Lawyers to wig wielding Judges, those within a legal profession are destined to be able to afford a rather comfortable living. To enter this profession, one must first attain a law degree or an equivalent legal education.


Becoming a Lawyer is the first step into a legal profession and this job requires candidates to hold a licence and have completed some form of apprenticeship or work experience. However once lawyer status is reached, dreams of wielding a gavel like Thor, or constantly having to explain that you're a Barrister and not a Barista can begin.



It's no secret that those who took the side of the law when it battled the Bobby Fuller Four and won are comfortably paid, with Legal professionals earning on average £52,000.



9. Air Traffic Controller


An Air Traffic Controller's profession is often regarded as one of the most mentally challenging and can be notoriously stressful. Those who work in this profession can boast key skills which include: an excellent short term memory, situational awareness and the ability to make instant decisions, potentially under extreme pressure.


Despite the stressful nature of the job, Air Traffic Controllers can rest easy with a comfortable annual salary which has been averaged at around £52,000. With those in this career (and John McClane) being the reason that your relatives are landing safely at the airport this Christmas, they are the unsung heroes of air travel.



8. Marketing & Sales Managers


Pretty much all businesses in this day and age have a Marketing and Sales team who are tasked with spreading knowledge and sales of their product to every corner of the world, or at least the designated area.


A manager within this team would be involved in every part of this process, from planning the strategies that the team will implement, to delivering reports, measurements and feedback on the effectiveness of the strategies to the peers in the boardroom.



Those in charge of targeting the customer segments that their product represents, have been reported to earn on average £54,000 per annum. With all the variables they have to consider when planning a strategy, they have to earn every penny of it.



7. Research & Development Management


Research is what keeps the world turning, it's what makes the impossible seem possible and Research and Development departments all over the world are working on super secret projects to enhance human life.


Someone working in R&D Management acts as the meeting point for Innovation and Technology; they are included in most steps of the process including: research, development, prototyping and portfolio management. Without these departments, a lot of kids would be waking up on Christmas Day without the new iPhone they asked for. Luckily Father Christmas has a fantastic R&D department filled with elves who make the journey and toy making much easier.



R&D Management requires those in the career to manage teams, relationships with other departments and making sure the project finished on or below budget. For those who excel at spinning metaphorical plates to appease both the teams you work with and the stakeholders, a career in R&D Management could net you around £55,000.



6. Mining Managers


Working the mines is no easy task, Cave-ins, Gas Explosions and Fire Risks are but a few of the hazards that those down in the shafts face on a daily basis. However for those who can gain enough experience in their field of expertise, a career as a mining manager could be very profitable indeed.


The world has a constant need for the natural resources to power pretty much everything and Santa could always use more coal. Through these needs, Mining Managers can thrive. Whilst this doesn't save anyone from donning a hard hat and descending into the mines, it does come with a pretty comfortable pay package of around £59,000



5. Pilots


Pilots fly giant metal buses through the sky before landing them precisely on a runway with lives literally on the line if they mess up at any stage. However there's no reason to get stressed as all pilots must have at least 250 hours of flight experience and a private pilots licence before they can take the examination to become a commercial pilot.


Whilst it is not a career for those who hate flying, it is a career for those who like money and want to see the world. Throughout the piloting world, an average salary is estimated at £64,000.



4. Financial Managers & Accountants


We gathered together all our records and books, punched the numbers into a calculator and discovered that Accountants are really well paid. Ensuring that Santa's finances are in check, Accountants also ensure that there are no irregularities and that the taxes are sorted legally (Unless you're Jimmy Carr's accountant.)


Making sure other peoples accounts and money are safe is apparently a good way to make yourself wealthy, as Financial Managers and Accountants can earn on average £78,000, which they may or may not choose to put into an offshore bank account.



3. Doctors


A walking, talking medical encyclopedia, Doctors provide care at the highest standards as either part of the NHS or for a private health company. Joining this profession is no easy feat, it requires brains and an addiction to coffee to help get through the years of study and practice.


However once the title of student can be shrugged off as you become a bona fide Doctor, you can rest easy knowing that the past 10 years have secured you a job where an average salary in the UK is currently estimated at £82,000.



2. City Brokers


Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, the world has started to wonder what goes inside the big, bad world of brokers, where they trade shares like uncommon Pokemon Cards.


Despite a pretty volatile financial market, City Brokers have managed to trade their way up to second place on our list with an average salary of £95,000.  



1. Directors and Chief Executives


Having spent years fighting their their way to the top, anyone in this profession has to be an absolute authority in their chosen sector. Only answering to the shareholders - Directors and Chief Executives basically run the company from atop their skyscrapers.


There was never any doubt that the Director's and Chief Executives would top the list of highest paying jobs. The job is extremely demanding. If any mistakes are made at this level, then it means disaster when it reaches the bottom. This makes the job extremely stressful, but an average salary of £213,000 buys you a nice bed to help you sleep at night.



Sure these careers may net you a lot of money, but they're are extremely time consuming and it can't be helped to wonder, Do they know it's Christmas time?


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