Why working abroad could help your career

Ever wanted to go loco down in Acapulco? Or perhaps you have dreams of drinking at a bar in far Bombay? Well providing you don't let these social impulses get too out of hand, it turns out that moving to sandier shores could actually help your career.  

An unstable economic climate has strengthened the attraction of sunnier climes with an increasing number of Brits considering working abroad and who can blame them?

Boarding that plane could just be your ticket to a better career, so dig out your passport, buy some sunscreen and makes sure the sombrero's on stand-by.

It looks amazing on your CV

When employers are reading the Encyclopedia Britannica of CVs, what could possibly stand out more than 'International Globetrotter.' Though you might think your Phileas Fogg adventures have afforded you little more than the ability to use chopsticks, working abroad implies a lot of positives about your character. Showing that you're willing to leave your comfort zone and throw yourself into an unfamiliar environment suggests that you're flexible, adaptable and able to overcome new challenges.

Money, Money, Money

It might be true that money can't buy happiness but the rat race is a lot more comfortable in the Costa Del Sol than in Slough. One of the draws of working abroad is the often more lucrative pay that overseas companies are able to offer adventurous candidates, who have been saving their Bermuda shorts and flip flops for such an opportunity. This pay difference is only further increased when moving to an area of the world where the cost of a property is about the same as a London cup of coffee. Those looking to wave Queen and country goodbye shouldn't just assume that their salary and tax will mirror local rates though, as some businesses will insist on paying UK wages.

New language, new culture, new prospects

Though you can't help but exude that typical 'Brit Abroad' demeanor that endears us so much to the rest of the world.*cough*....it's impossible not to add a few new things to your portfolio of skills when immersing yourself in a new country. Overseas opportunities will undoubtedly provide you with an understanding of global markets while you might also be able to add to your dictionary of worldwide rhetoric. Your newfound cultural awareness will make you marketable as a country expert whilst your experiences will make you suitable for lucrative international roles.

Fast track

While you might be happy milling around Old Kent Road, rolling the dice can bring about the chance to pass go and quickly rise to the same ranks of Rich Uncle Pennybags (I mean, who doesn't love Monopoly?). Professionals who find themselves on foreign shores can consider themselves to be on a fast track to promotion, with the rungs of the corporate ladder being increasingly eroded away by the number of challenges they'll face in such a short space of time. Employers will look for executive personnel with the skills and hardiness that international exposure can bring and what would otherwise be lacking from sitting in front of a flickering cursor for five days a week.


Though you have Facebook friends as far a field as Swansea and you're currently followed by more than 100 people on Twitter (ooh, get you), your international list of industry contacts will prove to be more valuable than a million retweets and likes. They say it's who you know when it comes to business and your global network will give you access to job opportunities, advisors and insider knowledge that would be out of reach for those who sit in a cubicle in Oldham. Employers will also see candidates with far reaching contacts as a valuable asset and so developing your own personal yellow pages will add more fire to your employment arsenal.

There are a number of reasons why professionals may want to work abroad but the potential for financial and career enhancement makes it an attractive proposition for even the most hermit of homebodies.

So maybe it's time to get the suitcases out of the loft, unbutton the top two buttons of your Hawaiian shirt and take a leaf out of Frank's book. Just 'pack up, let's fly away!'

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