What kind of office firework are you?

Throughout every office across the globe, a pick 'n' mix of personalities line the cubicles and desks. From meek introverts to the bossy micromanagers, the workplace is filled with more explosive personalities than Guy Fawkes' gunpowder plot. With bonfire night closing in on us all, it's important to remember that baby, you're a Firework; the only question is what kind?

Damp Squib

The Damp Squib of the office, you had such great expectations, but unfortunately you failed to launch. Putting yourself into this category is no way to succeed, get back out there buddy! Go fix your fuse and launch your career.

Catherine Wheel

Those who have the emotional range of a Catherine Wheel can usually be found spinning uncontrollably in their office chair. Rumoured to have replaced their bloodstreams with lethal amounts of energy drinks, the Catherine Wheel never seems to be tired.

Mini Rocket

You're pint sized and have a high pitched voice, you're also the bubbliest person in the office. From day one your career has skyrocketed and whenever you leave a room, you leave with a bang.  

Roman Candle

Roman Candles stand solidly in the office, firing out colourful and creative ideas until a bright one hangs in the air leaving all onlookers in awe. These office members are always looking for ways to grow so don't put them in a plant pot, they'll end up smashing it.


Usually the quiet and shy type, an office Sparkler gets on with literally everyone in the office (yes even the Mini Rocket.) Keeping themselves to themselves, the Sparklers of the office get their work done and to a shimmering standard. Originally seen as an introvert, once you spark a sparkler, you will see first hand how bright they can shine.


You're the loud, boisterous member of the office, always up for some banter you're as charismatic as they come. Whilst you are able to fire hundreds of rockets into the sky, you start off as a bit of a spectacle, onlookers end up waiting for you to finally finish.


You're the centre of the office, a flaming beacon excelling at what you do. Able to sell ice to an eskimo and ship sand to the Sahara, you're a jack of all trades and you mastered them all. 

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