How positive thinking can help your career

Whilst the concept of 'positive thinking' might seem like some new age hypno-rubbish that's better suited to an internet meme than it is to the daily grind, the glass half-fullers will forever support the notion of the power of the mind.

Now while i'm not suggesting that you can throw your boss across the room in a moment of Matilda-esque exuberance, studies have suggested that an optimistic outlook can improve health, relationships and productivity.

Though positive thinking is more than just succumbing to the infuriating, voodoo doll prompting cries of "smile," displaying a more buoyant attitude in the office could see you the beneficiary of enriched career prospects.

It's all about the confidence

Confidence, or at least the portrayal of such, is deemed one of the most important attributes to getting ahead in the workplace and something that positivity naturally breeds. A lack of self belief is likely to make you blend into the background like a Kit Kat wrapper in a Where's Wally scene, so breaking out from the landscape every now and again will only help your chances of getting noticed. Confidence has a babushka doll type quality with one courageous act often leading to another, so displaying some self assurance will inevitably see you grow in stature and make you appear suitable for management roles.

An intangible stress ball

Just like meal deals and tea round evaders, stress is part and parcel of office culture with deadlines, annoying colleagues and the decidedly lopsided work life balance being the cause of much tension. A positive mindset is considered one of the greatest combatants to stress with studies reporting happiness and enthusiasm to be the greatest weapon in your arsenal. An employee who can handle the pressures of the rat race will eventually overtake the others and be rewarded with increased responsibility.

Everybody loves Little Miss Sunshine

Along with Mr Tickle (a personal favourite of mine) Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine were perhaps some of the most well liked residents of Misterland and it's not hard to see why. People love to be surrounded with positive vibes and consistently demonstrating positivity will help build essential work based relationships. As they say, it's who you know when it comes to climbing the ladder and developing favourable relationships with those around you could pay dividends in the future.

Less sick days

While nothing could possibly possess the magic healing powers of Calpol, positive thinking is thought to increase the body's resistance to common ailments and even result in longer living. Although it's a difficult claim to measure, it's suggested that positivity has the same immune system boosting effects of chicken soup and chewable vitamins, potentially resulting in less sick days. Great news for the workplace terminators, not so good for those who want a day in bed watching Storage Hunters.

Fortune favours the brave

The unknown is one of the biggest barriers to career progression with employees often choosing to stay in a limited yet comfortable position as to not put themselves at risk of failure. For every golden opportunity missed though, a positive thinker is waiting in the wings to take the chance with both hands and pull themselves out of the drudgery of office life. Maintaining a positive frame of mind will make you resistant to the fret of potential failure and allow you to reap the rewards that positive risk taking brings.

Positivity derives from a combination of things and isn't necessarily something that can generate itself. Environment, relationships and future prospects all help towards a positive outlook with the aforementioned benefits being the possible rewards. Of course, if these elements are lacking then optimism will be in short supply and this might be a signal that it's time to bite the bullet and take on a new challenge. As Henry Ford once said, "whether you think that you can or think you can't, you're right." Stay Positive. 

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