5 jobs that don't exist anymore

With the rise of the machines slowly dawning upon us, there are those who fear that they are rather replaceable. Whilst we all sit back and wait for the drones to awaken and take all of our jobs, let's take a moment to remember some jobs that unfortunately don't exist anymore.

Ice Cutter

This chilly profession was recently brought to the attention of anyone who has seen Frozen. A large Ice Cutting operation would usually consist of 75 people equipped with a variety of saws, who would cut around 1,500 tonnes of ice a day to be stored and sold throughout the year.

Unfortunately this career met an unfortunate end when its number one competitor, The Refrigerator, eventually made its way into everyone's home, heart and stomach - What a time to be alive.


Once a friendly face, brightening up every morning, but like creatures of myth, Milkmen seem to have all but disappeared. Now the jolly jingle of a Milkman's truck is reserved for secluded neighbourhoods

This is another career that was affected by the development of refrigeration, with people able to store milk for a number of days now, some Milkmen may have packed up their floats for good. Until the day fridges eventually fail us and we will look to the sky and cry out,  "Save us!"  and the Milkmen will whisper, "No".

Town Crier

"Hear ye! Hear ye!" is a phrase that is now reserved for renaissance fairs and the birth of royal babies, but once upon a time, before reading was cool, it was the town crier who would relay news to the masses.

The Town Crier may have seemed to vanish, but in reality it has evolved. Instead of standing outside 'ye olde tavern,' they sit in a studio behind a news desk relaying the news to the masses.

Knocker Uppers

Despite the connotations this job may have, it does not involve getting people pregnant. Back in the days before every single device in your house had an alarm clock, a 'Knocker Upper'  would walk through the streets ensuring factory workers were awoken in time for their completely reasonable shifts.

Armed with pea shooters and long poles, a knocker upper would knock on the upstairs windows of houses, not leaving until they were certain the client was awake. The job was very popular with those who wanted to bolster their wages by a few pence and with big industrial towns such as Manchester, a lot of people needed knocking up!

Yet again, this is a job that became obsolete with technological advances such as the alarm clock which has the added advantage of a snooze button.

Half of the Supermarket Checkout Team

When Skynet eventually reaches the peak of its power, humans will become obsolete and the rise of machines can be clearly seen in a supermarket's self checkout aisle. Where we were once greeted by a cheerful cashier who would offer to help us pack our bags before scanning our items at the speed of light, we are now commanded to put our items in the bagging area by a fearsome Dalek.

With rows of tills slowly being replaced by an angry relative of HAL 9000, there is less of a demand for cashiers, but a rise in those who can keep the beast tamed when an item needs to be removed from the bagging area.

However, it's not all doom and gloom, Andrew McAfee believes that with robots taking our jobs, it frees us up to pursue more important things... Like knitting, or having our organs harvested by our robot overlords, who took our jobs.

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