How to get a graduate job the easy way: Recruitment agencies


Applying for graduate schemes after uni is frustrating. You may have no experience, or be unsure which career path would suit you best.

So how do some graduates manage to land that cool job with the good salary, company car, and enviable work / life balance? Well, quite often they had help …


Free, professional help

If you’re struggling to find your dream job, then you already know that competition is tough.  Did you know that free, professional career assistance is available to university graduates?

Give yourself an unfair advantage by enlisting the help of a graduate recruitment agency, and that interview could be yours.


How do graduate recruitment agencies work?

As soon as you contact a recruitment agency, you will be improving the chances you have of getting a good graduate job.

Recruitment agencies work by pairing candidates like you, with employers - who pay them a fee. In the UK, candidates never have to pay a fee to a recruitment agency, so the process is completely free for you to use.

When you start dealing with a recruitment consultant, they will probably want to meet up to get to know you and discuss your career ambitions. If you’ve found that you can’t get a job after university, then this is your opportunity to get someone influential on your side.


Choosing a graduate recruitment agency

The number of graduate recruitment agencies on the Agency Central website is growing all the time - so it’s important to know what you’re looking for …

In this respect, there are two main groups of recruitment agencies that you will be interested in - namely graduate recruitment agencies that specialise in a certain industry, and graduate recruitment agencies that recruit for a certain geographic area.

Agency Central allows you to search for a recruitment agency by industry and / or by location. For example, we have a page specifically for graduate recruitment agencies in London and another listing graduate recruitment agencies that deal with banking jobs.

To find the page that’s relevant for you, simply click into the search bar where it says ‘please select an industry’ and click ‘graduate’. Then fill in the rest of the options to fit what you’re looking for.

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