CV writing services for graduates

When the student bubble finally bursts, it can be difficult to put on a tie and make that first step onto the corporate ladder. This of course isn't helped when competition for graduate level jobs is at an all time high and standing out from your fellow university leavers is more difficult than ever. This is why it could be worthwhile to invest in a graduate CV writing service. First impressions count, and rightly or wrongly, the first impression you give will inevitably be that neglected 'so called' professional resume which hasn't been updated since walking out of the school gates three years ago.


But surely your natural charisma will guarantee employment in the real world? Maybe, but employers will scan through hundreds of graduate CV's at a time when they're looking to recruit, and you won't be given the opportunity to display your youthful exuberance unless you can differentiate yourself from the sheer volume of generic and poorly written vitaes.


Fortunately help is at hand and whenever you can't do something yourself there is always a costly figure waiting in the wings to do it for you. This can certainly be said of CV writing, but what professional services are out there and what have they really got to offer a graduate?


Which graduate CV writing service you plump for has a lot to do with what you can afford and at risk of sounding stereotypical, an ex-student is less likely to have put money aside for professional pursuits than they are to have spent it in the Student Union.

The Popular One

The UK's apparent most popular graduate CV writing service is The CV Centre whose fees start off at a somewhat reasonable £32.50. The CV Centre also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied which means that any potential risk is at a minimum. They also promise to continue to revise your CV at no extra cost until you are happy with what they produce which probably goes someway to meeting their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They also have over 100 writers at their disposal as well as interview coaches which admittedly come at an extra cost.

The Basic Package

For those graduates really on the bread line is a slightly more affordable and viable option with the basic package costing £28. While it may not offer the services that the more top end companies provide, but it's certainly worth considering if money is tight. The basic package is aimed at entry level candidates who may have little or no experience and are applying for their first job. All they ask you is a few simple questions which can give them enough to portray an accurate and employable version of you and help you land that first role.

The All Rounder

As with all price offerings there is always a middle bracket and in this case it comes in the form of Anglia CV Solutions. Anglia CV Solutions offer tailored CV's dependent on your professional standing and the graduate package at £49.99 promises to highlight your key skills while being fully aware that experience may not be at a premium. The writers resist using the same template again and again resulting in a more individual document, while also targeting your particular career path or industry using sector specific words and phrases. Anglia CV Solutions also provide a free CV review just by emailing them as well as providing in depth consultations from it's experts.

The 'Money Is No Object' Service

If money is no object then look no further than Weald CV Writing Services, who while only a small family business, are able to offer a personal touch that other companies might lack. There's no doubt it's pricey at £75 for a school leaver or graduate, but the free appraisal of your existing CV seems reasonable considering the 20 years of experience that the business boasts. They also claim to offer one to one telephone consultations at a time that suits you as well as frequent contact throughout the process which might benefit a graduate who wants to learn the format for future reference.


There are plenty of CV writing services out there for all budgets and there's no doubt that graduates can really take advantage of some of the great packages offered by these companies. Which one you choose will depend on how much you're willing to part with but as with most things, you usually get what you pay for. So whether you're wanting a CV appraisal or a service which includes cover letter and personal statement templates, they'll be something out there which is friendly to both your pocket and your needs.

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