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As the largest metropolis in northern England, Manchester is one of the UK's most important cultural and commercial centres. Divided into the Central, Gorton, and Withington constituencies, economic data for the area is compiled separately for each region. As such, unemployment levels for Manchester Central were 5.8% in 2012, while 5.6% of Gorton's workforce were unemployed, and only 3.7% were out of work in Withington. These relatively high unemployment figures reflect Manchester's continued struggle to make the transition from a cotton textile and manufacturing-based economy to a modern service-based economy.

Nonetheless, Manchester has one of the fastest growing economies in the UK, and had a Gross Value Added (GVA) of £42 billion in 2011. Despite a dramatic decline in printing throughout the world, Manchester remains the second largest producer of newsprint in the UK. The finance, banking, and insurance sector supports a staff of 15,000 locals at sixty financial institutions, the largest of which is the Cooperative Group.

The tourism industry supports another 40,000 jobs, and 19,000 positions currently exist in the media industry. The education sector is also an important source of employment. Salford University, the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and the Institute of Science and Technology together support 33,000 employees, and draw more than 80,000 students to the city, creating the largest concentration of students in the UK. Manchester Recruitment agencies have also reported a high number of offerings in the retail sector in recent months.

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Industries covered: Child Care, Education
40 Princess Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 6DE Plus 2 additional office locations

DBR Group

Industries covered: Driving, Industrial, Manufacturing / Production
119 Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester, Lancashire, M27 0LB Plus 2 additional office locations


Industries covered: Banking, Executive / Management, Headhunting
Chancery Place, 50 Brown Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M2 2JG Plus 2 additional office locations

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Calibre Search

Industries covered: Construction, Electronics, Engineering, IT, Marketing
The Landmark 21 Back Turner Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 1FR Plus 2 additional office locations

Eden Brown Charities

Industries covered: Charity
111 Piccadilly, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 2HY Plus 2 additional office locations

Local Care Force

Industries covered: Health Care, Social Care
7 Dale Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 1JB Plus 2 additional office locations

Taylor Higson

Industries covered: Printing & Publishing
Centurion House, 129 Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire, M3 3WR Plus 2 additional office locations

Hyper Recruitment Solutions

Industries covered: Accounting & Finance, Biotechnology, Environmental, Food & Drink, IT, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Science, Telecommunications, Energy / Renewable Energy, FMCG
4th Floor, Churchgate House 56 Oxford Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 6EU Plus 2 additional office locations


Industries covered: Automotive, Aviation / Aerospace, Engineering, Government / Public Sector, Personnel / HR, Logistics, Manufacturing / Production, Purchasing, Retail, FMCG
7 Jordan Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 4PY Plus 2 additional office locations

New Chapter Consulting

Industries covered: Health Care, IT, Marketing, Retail, FMCG
Manchester Business Park, 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester, Lancashire, M22 5TG Plus 2 additional office locations

Time Recruitment

Industries covered: Administration, Construction, Call Centre / Customer Service, Engineering, Health Care, Industrial, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing / Production, Social Care, FMCG
The Old Mill, 8 Loom Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 6AN Plus 2 additional office locations

Better Placed

Industries covered: Executive / Management, Graduate, Personnel / HR, Marketing, Sales, Digital
10 Commercial Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 4PZ Plus 2 additional office locations

Forward Role Recruitment

Industries covered: Education, Fashion, Financial Services, Industrial, Manufacturing / Production, Marketing, Media, Retail, Sport, Recreation & Leisure, Travel, Digital
Croxley House, 14 Lloyd Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M2 5ND Plus 2 additional office locations

Network Marketing Recruitment

Industries covered: Creative / Design, Marketing, Digital
NEO, Charlotte Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 4ET Plus 2 additional office locations

Compass Associates

Industries covered: Health Care
1 St Peter's Square, Manchester, Lancashire, M2 3AE Plus 2 additional office locations

g2 Recruitment Solutions

Industries covered: Engineering, IT, Energy / Renewable Energy
Colwyn Chambers 19 York Street Manchester, Manchester, Lancashire, M2 3BA Plus 2 additional office locations

Maclean Moore

Industries covered: Accounting & Finance, Financial Services, Government / Public Sector, Insurance, IT, Rail, Rec 2 Rec, Telecommunications
13th Floor City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 4BT Plus 2 additional office locations

Axon Moore

Industries covered: Accounting & Finance
Suite 1.1, 1st Floor Canada House 3 Chepstow Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 5FW Plus 2 additional office locations

Cameron James

Industries covered: Accounting & Finance, Financial Services, Personnel / HR, Insurance, Purchasing
Lowry House 17 Marble Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M2 3AW Plus 2 additional office locations

Gravitas Recruitment

Industries covered: Accounting & Finance, Banking, IT, Digital
Tower 12, 18-22 Bridge Street, Spinningfields, Manchester, Lancashire, M3 3BZ Plus 2 additional office locations

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