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We take the time to listen to our candidates so that we can proactively secure your next opportunity by approaching clients that can match your career needs and requirements.

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Jazz Personnel will always endeavour to meet clients we work with to ensure we can source candidates that fit the environment and culture of your business. We take the time to truly understand your business in order to continually enhance our service delivery.

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Additional Information


We have offices located at the the following addresses:

  • Boho 4 (Gibson House), Cleveland Street, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS2 1AY

We recruit candidates at the following experience levels:

  • Graduate
  • Team Leader
  • Junior
  • Manager
  • Regular
  • Senior Manager
  • Senior
  • Director

We recruit in the following industries:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Legal
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Automotive
  • Personnel / HR
  • Digital
  • Property
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Financial Services
  • Shipping
  • Insurance
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