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Starting a New Job - Fitting In

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New in the Job?

Here are some handy tips to help you make a success in your new position:

1. Start as you mean to go on

Get in at a time when you can reasonably expect to get in for as a long as you're there. Don't set unsustainable expectations, don't stay longer than you need to and don't always work through your lunch.

2. Put the kettle on

It's not all about sharing the tea duties, but often it's a good way of getting to know people. But obviously don't spend all your time in the kitchen as you'll get a reputation.

3. Be considerate

If your workspace is close to others or you share space then keep it tidy. You don't know what the other people are like and you don't want to look like you don't care about other people's feelings.

4. Don't be afraid

Many people don't like to ask for help. But it's often essential to ask as other people will know the processes that the company have. Make sure you stick to their rules to doing things.

5. Don't tell porkies

If you lie you're going to leave yourself open to being found out and lose all the credibility you had.

6. Leave politics to the politicians

This isn't Big Brother";\ you don't have to side with anyone or play "the game" to win the prize. Just get on with your job. Get to know people but don't let yourself be turned.

7. Know the office

Get to know how your office works. Understand the filing system and how the network operates (if you have one). Also ask for any documentation as to how the company works.

8. Care about your work mates

If the people around you are struggling; be prepared to give them a hand. You may need the favour returned one day.

9. it's all about respect

It's like seeing the in-laws for the first time. Be polite to your workmates and work out what is acceptable or not. Don't rub people up the wrong way as soon as you join.

10. Be like a swan

Appear cool and confident even though you may feel totally overwhelmed on the inside. If you need to get some space to let the issue go then do it.

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