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Career Management

Returning to Work
If you've taken a break from work and you're ready to return, see what options are available to you
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Changing Careers
Do you feel you're ready for a change? Is your current job getting you down? « Read More »

Career Management
How should you be approaching the management of your career? And what can a structured approach do for your working life?
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Interview Techniques
What should you do? What should you not do? How should you conduct yourself?
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CV Advice
No matter how relevant your skills, apoor CV will result in less opportunities. Learn what matters...
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You and Your Career

The phrase 'nothing is forever' is more appropriate in today's job market than ever before. People can expect to move jobs far more frequently than in the past and companies are moving towards fewer staff and the use of outside consultants for advice and training.

Consider what you have achieved on a regular basis - note your achievements and make sure the appropriate people in your organisation are made aware of them.

To stay on course for career progression, you have to be an athlete. You must keep yourself trained and fit, using the latest techniques and modern methods available to you.

Remember, although your commitment is 100% to your employer and your employer commits itself to you, your loyalty is always to yourself whilst the company's is always to bottom line.

"The only person who will look after your career is you"

Your Strategy
A successful career move is dependent on the following three key elements:

· Career Assessment
The starting point of any job search programme has to be an in-depth, detailed self assessment exercise, both in personal and career terms. This will lead to a practical decision making process which will equip you to gain a clear view of the way forward. Consider your strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes in terms of working with people, data, technology and things. By undertaking an in-depth self assessment, you will be able to arrive at a career objective for you to attain.

· Marketing Preparation
Your success depends on your ability to sell yourself and the first stage in this process is your CV. Your CV needs to reflect your objective supported by effective covering letters. You must develop a marketing plan which is as comprehensive as that of any organisation selling products or services. Consider where you will source your opportunities both advertised and unadvertised - e.g. newspapers, Internet sites, through networking and by making direct approaches.

· Job Search
Once you have defined your strategy, you should be fully prepared to launch yourself into a targeted campaign. Access to comprehensive resources will enable you to explore as many opportunities as possible, to ensure you achieve your desired objective.

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