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Pokmon Go and Recruiting's AR Future: Gotta Recruit 'Em All!

Do you struggle to tell a Jigglypuff from a Bulbasaur? Does augmented reality still sound like something from a sci-fi movie? Find out why Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm, and learn what it will mean for recruitment agencies in the very near future... Although augmented reality (AR) has been around for a while, well, it's kind of a thing now. It's got legs. It's also got arms and a head, and its name is Pokemon ...

Published: Wed 20 July 2016

How can HR avoid being the weakest link?

The Human Resources (HR) department has long proven its importance in the workplace, so it's perhaps surprising to hear that many quarters fail to recognise how instrumental it can be to the success of a business.Contrary to this, HR departments and staff carry out a number of functions that are crucial to any workplace. What can be done then, to ensure HR maintains its importance? Opinions of HR in the workplaceHR can ...

Published: Tue 19 July 2016

Construction industry job increase: What this means for recruitment agencies

The number of construction workforce jobs increased by 117,000 between March 2015 and March 2016. While it is good to see a rise in vacancies, it poses challenges to all areas of the industry. Here, we focus on the challenges this increase is posing to construction recruitment agencies and how they are changing the way they work in order to fill the vacancies.The release of the UK Labour Market Statistics from the Office ...

Published: Mon 18 July 2016

Incentives Staff Love: Discover the Perks That Work

Depending on the company you work for, the concept of staff perks may or may not be foreign to your ears. But incentivising employees to give their best can actually be a cost-effective way to improve motivation and productivity within your workforce. With this in mind, we look at the perks that work, the ones that don't, and why this is."Where bees are, there is honey." - 17th century English proverbNow we don't know much ...

Published: Tue 12 July 2016

5 Reasons Your Performance Appraisals Don't Work

Performance appraisals are a much-maligned presence in the corporate world that no one really wants to have around, right? Wrong. Because it doesn't have to be that way! A few simple adjustments can mean that you'll have an effective feedback system in no time. So what can you do?1. You're only letting them work in one directionOne major reason that you might not be getting the most from your performance appraisals ...

Published: Mon 04 July 2016

Age-related bias still unmonitored in recruitment

Imagine a world in which you were perfect for a job, but your application was unsuccessful. That world exists, indeed it is something many of us have experienced. You may have been given constructive feedback which, while no real consolation, gives you something to work on.Now imagine a world in which you were unsuccessful applying for a vacancy for no reason except your age. Sadly, this world also exists. You could be perfect ...

Published: Mon 04 July 2016

Technological Progress And Why It Will Never Destroy Recruitment

Technology: Builder of relationships. Giver of knowledge. Portal to ubiquity. There's no question that computers are perpetually altering the way that we live, but have you ever stopped to think about how technology has changed recruitment and whether or not it will make recruiters obsolete? No?Well before we continue on this path towards an automated economy, let's take a step back and look at just how technology has impacted ...

Published: Mon 04 July 2016

Why Recruiting Generation Z is Different to Hiring Millennials

As a 25 year-old Millennial who remembers the excitement of Myspace and MSN, never have I felt so old when writing an article. My heydays are gone, my expiry date has passed. Prepare my bed Satan, I'm coming home.No sooner have I entered the big wide world through a post-university haze, I now have to contend with these young upstarts, waging war on my self-acclaimed youth. But who exactly are Generation Z and why is it crucial ...

Published: Mon 04 July 2016

3 Ways Your Temp Agency Can Stand Out and Succeed

"We come too late to say anything which has not been said already," bemoaned La Bruyre. That was in the 17th Century folks. Add to that 3 more century's worth of bright ideas and linguistic saturation and what's left? People trying to say the same thing differently, that's what.It's especially hard to stand out if you're a recruitment agency. With 19,823 recruitment agencies in the UK (roughly), all trying to say the same ...

Published: Tue 28 June 2016

Britain Leave the EU: What Happens Now?

The polls have closed, and the voters have spoken. After four months of what has felt like endless campaigning by Vote Leave and Britain Stronger in Europe, the leave campaign won out with 52% of the vote. In short, the UK will leave the European Union (EU). A landmark decision, that is for sure. It comes after an estimated spend of £142.4 million, according to figures from BBC Reality Check, in a written statement ...

Published: Fri 24 June 2016
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