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Automation Nation Part 1: Why Your Job Isn't Safe

James Cameron's vision of the future in his 1984 classic, The Terminator, portrayed a rather harrowing world where a bed of skulls lay beneath the tread of cyborgs. Lasers lit up the polluted skies, playgrounds were vaporised, and humans were brown bread.That year was 2029. Here we are in 2016 (some 13 years shy) and already the machines are taking over. Supermarkets are a sea of self-service and cars will soon drive themselves ...

Published: Thu 18 August 2016

Business Recruitment Plans 2016: Survey Results

The results are in from our big survey of 2016! We asked a wide range of companies about their recruitment plans for the year, hoping to give some scope on how trends, strategies and methods are changing with every year that goes by.To give us a better idea of the context of our responses, let's take a look at the company location, size and sectors we surveyed...Areas we looked to understand included reasons for company growth ...

Published: Thu 18 August 2016

What is the cost of making a bad hire?

Everybody makes mistakes, and when it comes to hiring staff, employers are at risk of making one of the costliest mistakes in business - the wrong hire. Do you really know what the cost of a bad hire is though? No?In all honesty, working out the expense of recruiting errors isn't an exact science and a simple Google search will throw back all kinds of figures. The type of company, position being filled and the method of hiring ...

Published: Tue 16 August 2016

Don't Get Duped: How to Spot a Bad Employer

Don't Get Duped: How to Spot a Bad EmployerDid you always get warned to avoid bad company when you were a kid? Well the same thing goes now you're all grown up and going to job interviews, champ. We've already taught you how to spot poor management, and now we're going to show you how to give second-rate companies a wide berth like a boss. Hop to it.We'd refer to the job interview process as a lion's den, but actually it's more ...

Published: Tue 09 August 2016

Recruitment in Construction: Bridging the Skills Gap

The latest CBI/Pearson Education Skills Survey has shown that many construction employers believe finding employees for high and intermediate-skilled jobs is going to be difficult in the next few years.We look at how employers can respond to this and the important part recruitment agencies can play in this process. A new survey from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) shows employers are concerned about their ability ...

Published: Mon 08 August 2016

How Can Social Media Benefit SMEs?

With 271 million Twitter users, 1.2 billion Facebook users and 300 million LinkedIn accounts, it's safe to say that social media is a powerful tool for business as well as personal use. Despite this, there are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are unsure of its importance. We're here to tell you that, on the contrary, using social media can be the making of your organisation, increasing engagement, sales and ...

Published: Mon 01 August 2016

Free Gamification Hacks for Productivity and Employability

Ever feel like you'd enjoy your job a lot more if you could only be more productive? Surely there must be an easier way to get through your work? Well luckily, there is. Please allow us to present to you the gamification hacks that will change your life. Let's build You 2.0 ...What is gamification and how can it help me?Gamification is the process by which psychological cues traditionally seen in video games can be applied to ...

Published: Mon 01 August 2016

The Olympics: can job candidates learn from athletes?

Ever wondered if sports skills are transferable to the world of job hunting? Kriss Akabusi and Owen Livesey tell Agency Central what candidates can learn from professional athletes. In a matter of days, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will commence, bringing with it a marathon of sport and tension, along with the promise of fulfilled hopes and dreams in a bumper three weeks of sporting theatre.You might be asking what the ...

Published: Mon 01 August 2016

Five ways that SMEs can benefit from work experience placements

Do you remember your first work experience? Whether you spent it washing tortoises (my friends were very jealous) or you became the office's very own barista, these placements provided exactly what they said on the tin - experience of work.  Have you ever stopped to think about how work experience can benefit the employer though? Just because you've since mastered the ability to knot a tie and climbed up to the position ...

Published: Mon 01 August 2016

Remote Working: Could You Be a Digital Nomad?

I don't know about you, but for me the term 'remote working' evokes the image of being on a beach in Fiji - complete with cocktail, laptop and one hell of a Wi-Fi signal.The reality of remote working is actually much less exciting, but still very appealing. In a world where employees want to have a greater work / life balance, we take a comprehensive look at the pros and cons when it comes to working from home...  Negative ...

Published: Mon 25 July 2016
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