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5 Tips For Keeping Your Employees Fit

Have you ever considered what impact your working environment is having on the health and fitness of employees? The combination of stress, convenience eating and hours spent stationary can have long term effects on both your staff and your business.If you want to improve the wellbeing of your workforce, here are 5 tips for keeping your employees fit - regardless of how much time they spend chained to a desk. Bike to work ...

Published: Fri 09 September 2016

FMB Survey reveals encouraging post-Brexit signs for SME house builders

A survey from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has shown the majority of house builders have not been affected in the wake of the EU Referendum. The survey, which asked more than 100 SME house builders in England about their situation since the country voted to leave the EU in June, resulted in almost 69% saying their decisions have yet to be influenced by the referendum. Results for this survey were collected ...

Published: Wed 07 September 2016

Health and Safety Fails: the 'seriously unsafe' safety mask

Do you remember when you were a kid? Back when you would use your child-like creativity to pretend a toilet roll was a rocket ship, or a washing line was a zip wire for your Action Man? Well this week's tool appears to have reimagined the humble plastic bucket as a stand-in safety mask. It takes no Einstein to work out why this is a no-no when it comes to health and safety, and has lead to me producing an article I never ...

Published: Wed 07 September 2016

6 Reasons Employers Should Allow Smartphones in the Workplace

Of all the topics in the modern workplace, the use of smartphones and other personal communication devices has to be one of the most divisive. Mobile phones have got into almost every aspect of our lives nowadays, but many old school employers have a knee-jerk reaction against their use at work. Let's have a look at just some of the reasons that this is an outdated way of thinking and that smartphones actually help to make ...

Published: Tue 06 September 2016

Instaprofit: How to Use Snapchat and Instagram for Business

As two of the fastest growing social networks in the world, Snapchat and Instagram present businesses with a unique and exciting marketing opportunity. While the current commercial uptake remains slow, the momentum is building and it won't be long before your business starts to look at ways to use these platforms effectively. But why wait until then? This article looks at the advantages of incorporating Snapchat and Instagram ...

Published: Mon 05 September 2016

Improve your recruitment skills: Guide for new consultants

The painstaking pursuit of application perfection was successful, your interview preparation could not have gone better, you've researched thoroughly to ensure the minimum risk of being tripped up, and finally you have confirmation: you have landed a job in recruitment. That whole process though is only a precursor to the hard work that is to follow. Now you have to step into a recruitment agency and wow your boss by hitting ...

Published: Wed 31 August 2016

Automation Nation Part 1: Why Your Job Isn't Safe

James Cameron's vision of the future in his 1984 classic, The Terminator, portrayed a rather harrowing world where a bed of skulls lay beneath the tread of cyborgs. Lasers lit up the polluted skies, playgrounds were vaporised, and humans were brown bread.That year was 2029. Here we are in 2016 (some 13 years shy) and already the machines are taking over. Supermarkets are a sea of self-service and cars will soon drive themselves ...

Published: Thu 18 August 2016

Business Recruitment Plans 2016: Survey Results

The results are in from our big survey of 2016! We asked a wide range of companies about their recruitment plans for the year, hoping to give some scope on how trends, strategies and methods are changing with every year that goes by.To give us a better idea of the context of our responses, let's take a look at the company location, size and sectors we surveyed...Areas we looked to understand included reasons for company growth ...

Published: Thu 18 August 2016

What is the cost of making a bad hire?

Everybody makes mistakes, and when it comes to hiring staff, employers are at risk of making one of the costliest mistakes in business - the wrong hire. Do you really know what the cost of a bad hire is though? No?In all honesty, working out the expense of recruiting errors isn't an exact science and a simple Google search will throw back all kinds of figures. The type of company, position being filled and the method of hiring ...

Published: Tue 16 August 2016

Don't Get Duped: How to Spot a Bad Employer

Don't Get Duped: How to Spot a Bad EmployerDid you always get warned to avoid bad company when you were a kid? Well the same thing goes now you're all grown up and going to job interviews, champ. We've already taught you how to spot poor management, and now we're going to show you how to give second-rate companies a wide berth like a boss. Hop to it.We'd refer to the job interview process as a lion's den, but actually it's more ...

Published: Tue 09 August 2016
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