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Welcome to the Agency Central blog. Here you will find a wide range of news and useful articles relating to the recruitment industry. From seasonal trends to forthcoming changes, we cover all aspects of the UK's recruiting landscape. Our articles are in-depth, thoroughly researched and discuss a host of issues faced by employers, recruiters and candidates on a daily basis.

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Confessions of a recruiter

In this all-new segment, we shine a spotlight on the secrets of the recruitment world. In doing so, we aim to reveal the biggest recruitment issues of 2016, and (hopefully) share some useful insider tips from recruitment professionals.We want to know about the potentially problematic parts of the process that need perfecting (now that's alliteration), and understand what solutions you think can be delivered. Below are examples ...

Published: Wed 02 November 2016

Introducing the social leaderboards!

Just how social are you?And I'm not talking about you personally (as we already know 38.6% of the world's online population is now on Facebook) I'm talking about your company.As far as careers go, working in recruitment is a pretty sociable one. Finding the best talent online isn't for the shy and retiring type, as you need to approach people, be approachable and provide consistent helpful information. By doing all of this ...

Published: Wed 02 November 2016

A Halloween Tale of Recruitment: Legend of the 5 Dark Jobs

It is said that many years ago, a text was written; a text so steeped in dark power, that its very existence has been guarded by a clandestine order of protectors ever since. These grim custodians are said to be masters of the dark arts, but at great personal risk, the brave (or perhaps foolhardy) adventurers of Agency Central have unearthed the text in its entirety, and bring it to you now - for better or worse ...The text ...

Published: Wed 26 October 2016

Brexit Impact: Why Are Small Businesses Doing So Well?

Following the decision to leave the European Union (EU), we are living in times of uncertainty. Interest rates are down, while housebuilding and construction output have slackened in the face of economic concerns. But this message of worry does not seem to have affected small to medium enterprises (SMEs), who are bucking the trend with companies established at a faster rate than ever before. Recruitment agencies are ...

Published: Wed 19 October 2016

Revealed: Stress, Salary, and Their Relationship

Ah, work stress. Whether it's due to a never-ending mountain of tasks, pressure from superiors, or failing to hit those dastardly KPIs, at one time or another, we've all felt it. Failure to tackle effectively could lead to mental health issues in the workplace.What we at Agency Central have done is look at the stress levels for jobs and how they relate to salary.What we're asking is: "Does your pay reflect the level of stress ...

Published: Tue 18 October 2016

Is Silence Golden? How Office Noise Affects Productivity

Ahh the familiar tinny sound of Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' escapes my co-worker's headphones for the second time today. It got me thinking. Can ambient background noise actually make your office a more productive environment?In this article we take a look at the different types of 'office noise', what effects they have on our cognitive ability (using real life sciencey stuff), and how different types of jobs may be better ...

Published: Tue 11 October 2016

How Many UK Construction Jobs Will Hinkley Point C Create?

After an initial delay following the formation of Theresa May's government, the £18 billion project to build Britain's first new nuclear power station for a generation has been given the go-ahead. We look at what this decision means for construction job prospects and whether it will increase recruitment opportunities. Background to Hinkley Point CThe construction of Hinkley Point C has been a long time coming ...

Published: Fri 07 October 2016

How do Recruitment Agencies Get Paid (and How Much)?

Are you thinking of using a recruitment agency, but unsure about how recruiting fees work? Then read on. Employing new staff can be an expensive and time consuming process - often leading businesses to turn to specialist services. Cost can be a sticking point, but understanding how recruitment agencies get paid will help employers identify the best staffing firm for their needs and budget.   Do recruitment agencies ...

Published: Tue 04 October 2016

Students: This is How You Should Prepare for the Job Market

For many who look back at their university experience, the year that generates the least nostalgia is the final one. Sure, you still had a great time and loved the environment, but you couldn't ignore work with the abandon of the previous two years. At certain points, you were undoubtedly drowning in a sea of essays, exam preparation and dreaded dissertation deadlines. But should academia be the sole focus of a final year ...

Published: Tue 27 September 2016

If You're in Sales, Then This is How to Combat Stress at Work

With the number of people we've had on our site recently looking for Sales recruitment agencies, we'd imagine that there are a lot of you out there wanting tips on how to succeed in this stressful yet rewarding (and potentially very lucrative) career.Of all the reasons that Salespeople fail, stress is a major one - so let's take a look at how to relieve stress at work ... "Sooner or later, you'll regret it if you spend ...

Published: Wed 21 September 2016
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