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6 most in-demand soft skills

Thanks to the rise in student fees you'd be forgiven for thinking a degree is more valuable than ever, however it's increasingly soft job skills that are most sought after by recruiters.Unless you're applying for the position of Superman, soft skills are in-demand across most job roles; and while your knack for telekinesis and time travel might help you progress through the storyboard of a Marvel Comic, their impact in the world ...

Published: Wed 15 October 2014

Top 10 jobs for geeks

Once upon a time, the word geek was an insult to degrade the introverts who worked hard and played Dungeons & Dragons harder. However with the rise of technology that will soon replace basic human interaction and 'ironic' t-shirts with the words 'geek' and 'nerd' splattered all over them, a paradigm shift has occurred. Whilst the hunter gatherer archetypes once ruled the playground with their superior sport skills and biceps; ...

Published: Wed 15 October 2014

Bad movie bosses

Everybody has had that one job where they worked under a tyrannical boss who seemed to be a massive rooster. A boss who loves to micromanage but never seems to do any work themselves; your very own Bill Lumbergh (Office Space).As much as we'd all like to reenact the plot from Horrible Bosses, it is a rather impractical way to deal with those, who after all, fund your bourgeois taste for hummus and your selection of fine wines ...

Published: Thu 09 October 2014

6 things never to say at work

Whilst the Village People proved to us that actions can indeed speak louder than words, the unwritten minefield that is the office has ensured that anything you say can and will be used to paint a picture of you both as a person and a professional (and occasionally held against you in a court of law). Now while the old adage of think before you speak seems more fitting for the playground than the water cooler, it appears to ...

Published: Thu 09 October 2014

Tea vs Coffee Drinkers: who are the better workers?

Though they hardly draw up the film noir image of silhouettes and dodgy deals, tea & coffee's status as the UK's favourite legal 'high' has forever been proclaimed by Nes-caffeine purveyors and 'expert' leaf readers *cough cough*.Now while these steaming cups of willpower have been long time sponsors of the rat race, tea and coffee drinkers will frequently debate the benefits of their chosen elixir, often quoting the health ...

Published: Wed 01 October 2014

5 best apps for your life as a recruiter

As we all succumb to the whim of technological progress, the world of recruitment certainly isn't exempt from the digitally advancing 21st century.Since the emergence of online job boards at the turn of the millenium, the digital evolution of the recruitment industry has seen it reap the benefits of social media and is now beginning to move into employment on the go. Mobile recruitment is still in its early stages but removing ...

Published: Wed 24 September 2014

Flexitime assessed

With the work-life balance becoming increasingly one sided, flextime to many is the counterweight that bridges the gap between home and office. The notion of flextime generally requires employees to be in the office for a core time of the day with the periods either side of this being considered optional. While most would probably be inclined to take up the option of not turning in at all, staff are obliged to make up a certain ...

Published: Wed 24 September 2014

Maternity leave rights

There may be a million things on your pre-due day checklist, but 'maternity leave' will inevitably be on there amongst 'read every name from Aaron to Zebedee' and 're-repaint the baby's room.' While all mums-to-be are entitled to some form of maternity leave, learning the full rights and terms of your pregnancy induced absence is about as confusing as installing that new 'state of the art' car seat. Though it might not seem ...

Published: Tue 09 September 2014

Office newbie survival guide; your first day explained

If 80's pop icons *cough* have taught us anything, it's that the work induced dread of a monday morning is as about unwelcome as a Duran Duran tribute act. Now while the words of Geldof and The Bangles is hardly gospel, the familiar sense of foreboding at the start of a working week is nothing when compared to the vexed butterflies born from the prospect of a new job. Embarking on a new career path is one of life's guaranteed ...

Published: Tue 09 September 2014

How to Deal With a Smelly Employee

Updated: December 2016People come in all different shapes, sizes, and unfortunately, smells. A pungent aroma can have a negative impact on workplace morale, teamwork, and relationships between your team - so despite it being an awkward topic to confront someone about, it shouldn't be left to fester. The employee in question is representing your company, and you don't want to leave potential clients with a bad taste in their ...

Published: Tue 09 September 2014
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