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Graduate CV writing services

When the student bubble finally bursts, it can be difficult to put on a tie and make that first step onto the corporate ladder. This of course isn't helped when competition for graduate level jobs is at an all time high and standing out from your fellow university leavers is more difficult than ever. This is why it could be worthwhile to invest in a graduate CV writing service. First impressions count, and rightly or wrongly ...

Published: Thu 03 July 2014

Are recruiters adapting to the online world?

The Internet has had a profound effect on business, and the recruitment sector has been amongst the pioneers of the digital age. However, despite this leading role in the online world, it seems that embracing new technologies for effective recruitment does have its limitations. According to a recent survey involving head hunters, direct employers and recruitment agencies, an enormous 88 percent of respondents said they would ...

Published: Fri 22 November 2013

How should you look for a new job?

Agency Central recently took the time to create a survey with the goal of finding out how candidates are looking for jobs at the moment to see whether there were any options you could be missing.What we found was very interesting and you can see an infographic below which highlights the main findings. Of particular note though was that recruitment agencies and direct employers are 330% more likely to send candidates a positive ...

Published: Fri 22 November 2013

What did recruitment look like before the Internet?

Imagine a distant time, somewhere with paper, telephones and fax machines; a place filled with the buzz of busy people, when contacting a prospective candidate meant calling a number and speaking to a real person. Cast your mind back yet further, and try to imagine scouring local newspapers in search of a job. Perhaps most difficult of all, imagine a world where the only way to find a job was to visit a local job centre. Whilst ...

Published: Fri 22 November 2013

Graduates - Plan your next move

The thought of leaving full-time education behind and taking those first steps into the world of work can feel like a challenging time for anyone.It requires careful planning, plenty of information and advice and guidance from people whose experience you can trust. Agency Central has fantastic, informative information about the job market to help make the transition as smooth and easy as possible, with salaries graduates can ...

Published: Sat 01 December 2012
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