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Pros and cons of an office romance

O come all ye faithful and prepare for another season of avoiding the mistletoe and sidestepping the amorous advances of a not so silver fox. Of course, in this festive time of love and sharing, poor life choices aren't so far behind as the hopeless not romantics endeavor to prevent another Christmas home alone.watching Home Alone.Although their success will mirror more that of Santa with Muscles than It's a Wonderful Life ...

Published: Wed 10 December 2014

What Makes a Happy Executive?

The tenth day of Christmas require 10 Lords to start leaping, as unlikely as it may be that 10 male members of the royal family will get together and follow House of Pain's instructions (Jump Around.) However, tt is possible to make the lords of business jump for joy this Christmas.If Dilbert Comics are anything to go by, a company's executives are older men who have no idea how the company works. In reality this couldn't be ...

Published: Wed 10 December 2014

What Not to do at the Office Party

The ninth day of Christmas is a time when Ladies take to the dance floors in groups of 9. This time of year is usually when the office christmas party takes place, a time where professionalism and alcohol chaotically mix, but fear not young newbies! For we're here with the answers to the question burning through your mind - what shouldn't you do at the office party?1. Don't Unleash Your Inner Kevin BaconThey say you should dance ...

Published: Wed 10 December 2014

Ten Things You Never Knew About Christmas

The first day of Christmas is represented by a Partridge in a Pear Tree and whilst some assume it means a bird in a tree, there are those who say it has religious connotations. Whilst the Partridge and it's tree may forever be a mystery you can take some solace that some Christmas facts can be easily revealed.The first day of Christmas is represented by a Partridge in a Pear Tree and whilst some assume it means a bird in a tree ...

Published: Mon 08 December 2014

Recruitment past, present and yet to come.

Now brace yourselves. I'm about to say something so mind blowing that Kim Kardashian's attempt to break the internet will merely make a dent when compared to the potential repercussions of these revelations. Ready?.....There was a time before WiFi. There was a time before smartphones and there was even a time before Facebook (so I'm told).    In this pre-'like' age where people actually communicated in prose and ...

Published: Wed 03 December 2014

Signs your Employee is About to Quit

The cost of hiring a bad employee is staggering, but losing one of your star employees to another company is even worse. Unfortunately, moving on is something everyone does and you can't hold people back forever. However this doesn't work out best for you, you've spent a lot of money making sure the right people were hired and you want to keep them under your wing until they eventually retire.Well if want to make sure your loyal ...

Published: Tue 02 December 2014

Why working abroad could help your career

Ever wanted to go loco down in Acapulco? Or perhaps you have dreams of drinking at a bar in far Bombay? Well providing you don't let these social impulses get too out of hand, it turns out that moving to sandier shores could actually help your career.  An unstable economic climate has strengthened the attraction of sunnier climes with an increasing number of Brits considering working abroad and who can blame them? Boarding ...

Published: Tue 25 November 2014

7 reasons why you aren't being hired

Fed up with daytime TV and with the scroll bar on another job site becoming increasingly heavy, you may be thinking that entering The Apprentice would provide a better chance of getting hired than blindly filling out another online application. With all the tabloid headlines condemning the widening skills gap and condition of the job market, you'd be forgiven for assuming that your current lack of employment is as much out of ...

Published: Tue 18 November 2014

The secret of being a great manager

So, you've finally reached that cushy managerial job with your own office, plenty of holidays and pretty swollen pay package. However, you don't want to be like your predecessor, he was a bad boss and you don't want to put your subjects, *ahem* I mean team through the tyrannical rule that your Gordon Brown-esque boss had you under.Now you want to be an effective manager, you want your team to trust you, to believe in you and ...

Published: Tue 18 November 2014

How to answer

So your job hunt has taken a turn for the better; your CV makes a candidate from The Apprentice look like an illiterate fool, your covering letter is so beautifully written it would bring a tear of joy to Agatha Christie's eye and the interview is going so well you may as well be called Tony Stark.Then, suddenly one question comes up and all the momentum in your stride crumbles into nothingness. The interviewer has asked you ...

Published: Wed 12 November 2014
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