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With Auld Lang Syne just a distant melody (no, nothing?) and the wilting Christmas tree reminding us that we have just a mere 11 months to start preparing for next year, it's perhaps time to turn our attentions to the possibilities of 2015.Now while the old adage 'new year, new start' is often overplayed and under-realised, the changing of the calendar signals as good a time as any to make some positive life changes.if only ...

Published: Mon 22 December 2014

New Years Resolutions in the Office

As we usher out the 2014 and welcome version 2015 into our lives there are many hopes and expectations: love, financial gain and happiness. It's also a prime time to make a New Year resolution that statistically you won't keep until the end of the January, never mind the year.However, this year you may be bored of vowing to eat healthy and you just don't have the time to volunteer. So why not make a resolution you can utilise ...

Published: Mon 22 December 2014

How everyone should end 2014

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Or are you more of a 'YOLO' meme kind of person who doesn't have time to take heed of Robert Burns' rhetorical suggestions? Regardless of which camp you sit in, another calendar year is hastily coming to a close and the need to take advantage of the transition into 2015 is ever pressing. With that in mind, what should you really be doing to get the most out of the ...

Published: Fri 19 December 2014

Agency Central's Attempt To Tell a Terrific Tongue Twister

On the 11th day of Christmas 11 piping pipers provoked us to produce and present prose prone to mispronunciation. In other words, the Agency Central team teamed together to top the tough task of telling a terrific tongue twister.So strive to say our selection of sentences stocked with synonyms, syllables and suspect semantics and see if you can suggest a seasonal story shaped with sophisticated sentences sapping to say. "Prancer ...

Published: Thu 11 December 2014

Agency Central's Essential Christmas Playlist

As we quickly make our way through December like a pack of unattended After Eights, the radio will be filled with the various Christmas songs that always plague the airways. Some will lift your spirits before Band Aid quickly makes you drink them out of guilt and some will make you sing loud and proud, you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy bad example.This Christmas you want your employee's spirits high and Agency Central ...

Published: Thu 11 December 2014

Agency Central's Top Christmas Eggnog Recipes

Now let me set the scene. You're into the final week of your advent calendar and snow is slowly beginning to transform your home into the wintry backdrop of a glittering Christmas card. All your presents are wrapped, all your cards are written and you're about to snuggle up on the couch in your favourite festive jumper to watch It's A Wonderful Life. All seems well with the world until you realise that something's missing from ...

Published: Thu 11 December 2014

Who is your Mother Hen?

With the festive season having us already dreaming of a traditional roast turkey or plump Christmas goose, it's easy to forget about another proud and noble fowl; the mother hen. As integral to the office makeup as the tea round specialist and technical wizkid, the mother hen, be it he or she, is the filofax spine that keeps the office together. Through a combination of warmth, wit and wisdom, they're a valued member of any ...

Published: Wed 10 December 2014

Why Employers Should Start Believing in Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there was a wicked old employer who thought they were far too grown up to learn something from a bunch of children's fairy tales. Then one day, the wicked employer enquired of their web browser 'how to to be the fairest employer of them all?.' The browser thusly replied 'Did you mean, how to be the fairest employer of them all?' After much browsing, the employer stumbled across an enchanted article that showed ...

Published: Wed 10 December 2014

Ingredients you Need to be a Good Egg

As we approach the climax of the festive season (which has been building since October), boys and girls of all ages eagerly await to find out whether they've made this year's cut for Santa's nice list. Now while you might think that your suit and tie makes you exempt from Santa's stringent naughty and nice criteria, the daily grind professionals are just as susceptible to receiving a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking ...

Published: Wed 10 December 2014

7 Best Christmas Social Campaigns

The fourth day of Christmas is usually reserved for four calling birds. However, the times they are a changin' and we'd like to update this gift into something a bit more modern. Twitter is a great way to follow/stalk your friends, celebrities and favourite companies. Since jumping on the bandwagon, companies have rather quickly become more than adequate when it comes to promoting their business through social media campaigns ...

Published: Wed 10 December 2014
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