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Welcome to the Agency Central blog. Here you will find a wide range of news and useful articles relating to the recruitment industry. From seasonal trends to forthcoming changes, we cover all aspects of the UK's recruiting landscape. Our articles are in-depth, thoroughly researched and discuss a host of issues faced by employers, recruiters and candidates on a daily basis.

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Best job descriptions: spruce up your job posting

Congratulations! We've made it. Spring has finally sprung and the wind, rain and frozen fingertips of the past 6 months are set to be replaced by sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass (hopefully).Today is OFFICIALLY the first day of spring, so we're encouraging employers to blow away the cobwebs and apply the cleansing customs of the season to one of the messier components of the recruitment process.Whether they're convoluted ...

Published: Thu 19 March 2015

St Patrick's Day: How successful people get career lucky

Top o' the mornin to ya and happy St Patrick's Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you!Do you ever wonder how successful people manage to have good fortune all year round though? Well professional triumphs go beyond shamrocks and wishing wells and we think that we've uncovered the true secrets to how successful people get career lucky. Seize opportunitiesYou've no doubt heard that fortune favours the brave and nobody ever ...

Published: Tue 17 March 2015

Mother's Day: why mums make good recruiters

With the dawn of another hallmark holiday upon us, we're here to pay tribute to the driving force behind every family, business and social change; mums.Though the effects on the brain of 'In The Night Garden' have gone as of yet unstudied, we believe that the skills developed during motherhood are ideal for a career in recruitment. From doing a million tasks at once to finding a new level of tolerance, here's why we think mums ...

Published: Thu 12 March 2015

5 creative habits of successful people

Ever wondered how writers, designers and entrepreneurs optimise their innovative potential? Then read on to discover the traits and effective creative habits of some of history's most successful people.They work when they're most productiveCreativity can't always be confined to the passing hours of the office clock and the inherently artistic understand that their most productive periods might not fit into the standard 9 to ...

Published: Wed 11 March 2015

7 signs you're an ambivert (and what it is)

Neither the life of the party or a self confessed wallflower? Then you might just recognise these 7 definitive signs of being an ambivert.   What is an ambivert and why do employers like them?Sitting contently at the midpoint of the personality scale, ambiverts show neither the incessant energy of an extrovert or the inherent shyness of their introverted counterparts. Ambiversion is considered the delicate balance ...

Published: Tue 03 March 2015

Top tips and advice for career change

If you thought starting a new job was difficult, starting an entirely new career is something else and ranks right up there with moving house and ending a relationship when it comes to the most stressful things in life.As ever, Agency Central are providing the scented candles and calming bubble bath by offering what we believe to be the best advice to consider when changing your career.Be flexible with salary (but not to your ...

Published: Tue 03 March 2015

Employment contract: what you need to look for

An employment contract can be a confusing and complicated document but we've highlighted some of the key things you should look out for before signing your name on the dotted line.In the excitement of being offered the job, newly hired employees are often quick to overlook the details of their employments contracts, but it's important to familiarise yourself with some areas that could prove to be restrictive in the future.Intellectual ...

Published: Thu 26 February 2015

Personal branding - how to build, develop & manage it

In a professional landscape that's dominated by so called 'specialists' and 'experts,' it can be difficult to make a name for yourself and become a key influencer in your industry.Fortunately, we're here to help and these simple tips could help you build your own personal brand and finally get noticed for the things that you do best. Choose your expertiseDeveloping a personal brand is all about becoming known for something; ...

Published: Thu 19 February 2015

Tips to make a big impact in a new job

Embarking on a new career is fraught with many challenges that can make it all so tempting to revert to the status of office introvert.There's no need to fret though as we're offering a few handy tips to overcome this inherent shyness and to help you make a big impact in your new job. Positive attitudeThough positive thinking may only be possible thanks to your second cup of rocket fuel, it's amazing just how much a brighter ...

Published: Tue 17 February 2015

Best pancake recipes: which pancake suits your job?

Ever wonder which style of pancake you're most suited to? Well wonder no more as Agency Central provides a breakdown of the best pancake recipes for YOU to try this Pancake Day!Regardless of whether you lean towards a sweet or savoury palate, everyone has their favourite pancake recipes; but did you ever stop to think how your choice of pancake could be effecting your day job? Probably not, but it appears that different toppings ...

Published: Tue 17 February 2015
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