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How to answer

While you're hoping your strengths and undeniable suave will be enough to win over the interviewer, not knowing how to talk about your weaknesses has the potential to undo any good work just as you're preparing for the deal clinching handshake. We have the solution!We all have them. Whether it's an inability to talk to large groups or a penchant for stealing stationary, the holes in our professional skill set are usually better ...

Published: Wed 11 February 2015

The best movie bosses

We all have that one dream where we work for a boss who waltzes in everyday with a smile beaming from his face and a chocolate eclair for everyone in the room. Unfortunately, your boss only brings in humbugs and as you sit behind your desk, contemplating whether or not your boss is secretly a villain, you can always pray that your next job will come with a manager like one of these - the best bosses movies have to offer. Captain ...

Published: Wed 04 February 2015

Groundhog Day - How to break the 9-5 rut

Do you ever get the feeling that you've lived this day before? Not quite deja vu, but a deja vu lite where the only thing that seems to change is the date on the calendar.The 9-5 lifestyle often gives way to a groundhog day rut where the weekdays run as predictably slow as the minute hand on the office clock. Now while I'm sure most of us yearn for a career of unforeseeable whimsy, few of us are capable of breaking the repetitive ...

Published: Mon 02 February 2015

Social media trends 2015

The start of the year typically sees a flood of 'prediction' articles where experts try to shed some light on what we, as the less enlightened, can expect from the forthcoming year.Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of social media lends itself to nothing more than educated guesses, rumours and a roll of the dice. With this in mind, we've compiled our very own list of guesstimates on what social media trends we think digital ...

Published: Mon 26 January 2015

How to answer

And so it begins. Weeks of scrolling through job boards and CV advice has led to this blatant misuse of the word 'chat,' but you remain unfazed as you've already nailed the handshake with pinpoint precision and your Windsor tie knot exudes professionalism. The casual exchange of small talk passes you off as a human being and all seems to be going as hoped until the interviewer hits you with a Paxman-esque blow."so tell me about ...

Published: Thu 22 January 2015

Supervillains with Normal Jobs

Previously, we looked into what would become of some of our most beloved superheroes if they were to hang up their capes and instead opt for a safer, normal job. Whilst the super powered heroes may get a bit bloody and bruised during their scuffles, it is ultimately the villains who come off worse; usually coming away with broken bones and a stint in prison. It's not surprising that some villains may consider returning to a ...

Published: Thu 22 January 2015

Should you welcome back boomerang candidates?

Whether there was an 'unfortunate incident' or the grass seemed greener elsewhere, employees are everyday leaving their jobs with the intention of prospering under a new pay packet. Well it appears that sometimes it really is better the devil you know as more and more candidates are returning 'home' to take up positions with their old employers.Providing they didn't leave on a wave misjudged gesticulations and regrettable rhetoric ...

Published: Tue 13 January 2015

How to banish the January blues

I hate to bring it to your attention but January is well and truly here and the only remains of Christmas exist in the glitter that you still can't get off your onesie. Now while a post yuletide hangover is to be expected, we don't all have to succumb to this time of year which is typically devoid of any get up and go. So it's time to reinstill that skip in your step, challenge the season and banish the January blues.Make plansMuch ...

Published: Mon 12 January 2015

Updating your CV for 2015

The New Year has been ushered in and you've finally recovered from the drunken stupor you put yourself in. Whilst you prepare your latest Tweet or Facebook Status which starts with "New Year, new me" you should probably be thinking New Year, new CV. Chances are you've not actually changed your CV since it landed you your current job, and whilst you may not be an active candidate, it never hurts to be prepared.You never know ...

Published: Mon 12 January 2015

How to optimise your job search for the first week of the year

Baby it's cold outside but the words of Dean Martin, Cliff Richard and Noddy Holder et al seem a mere eggnog induced dream as we gaze with glazed eyes at the opening page of our Frozen 2015 calendars. The first week of the New Year, promptly welcomed in by 'Massive Monday,' has become an unofficial annual event with more Brits expected to apply for jobs over the next few days than at any other point this year. Though the scenes ...

Published: Wed 07 January 2015
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