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Welcome to the Agency Central blog. Here you will find a wide range of news and useful articles relating to the recruitment industry. From seasonal trends to forthcoming changes, we cover all aspects of the UK's recruiting landscape. Our articles are in-depth, thoroughly researched and discuss a host of issues faced by employers, recruiters and candidates on a daily basis.

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IR35 Reforms: How will these affect recruitment agencies?

The first week of April is always an important one in the UK; it marks the implementation of many pieces of legislation.This year, April 6th was the all important date and one in particular caused consternation in the recruitment sector. Specifically, the public sector IR35 reforms could end up costing recruitment agencies vital money because of the way workers will be taxed in accordance with the changes. Initially ...

Published: Fri 05 May 2017

Startup your recruitment agency the easy way: guide to outsourcing

Starting a recruitment agency is hard. There's getting funds together, creating a business plan, building a website, finding staff ... oh, and have you even thought of a name yet?All this and you've got to find a way to compete at a time when the number of recruitment agency startups is rising. Sometimes it can feel like you're spinning too many plates, but thanks to support and outsource services, startup agencies ...

Published: Wed 03 May 2017

Can You Handle the Pace? How to Make Multiple Jobs Work for You

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, caused quite a stir last month when it was announced he will become the Editor of the London Evening Standard. Much of the reaction centred around the ability to function effectively in different roles, and the fact Mr Osborne's expertise in journalism are, shall we say, limited. And it got us at Agency Central thinking: if candidates want to work in an industry ...

Published: Tue 25 April 2017

Why You Need to Stop Using Jargon in Your Job Ads, Right Now!

OTE. Pro rata. Proven track record. Self-starter. Dynamic environment. Yada yada yada. A quick skim read of some job ads will quickly reveal that such phrases and acronyms make up precisely 99% of the total description. And whilst I don't deny that your working environment is nothing short of dynamic, or your OTE is not lucrative, there's one thing that's definitely repelling quality candidates: jargon.So let's streamline your ...

Published: Wed 19 April 2017

Candidate Referencing: How Could It Be Made More Useful?

Providing a reference is something that most of us are familiar with, having applied for a job at some point. But UK referencing law is not always helpful.Given that many employers now avoid giving a reference for fear of litigation, we ask if the current system has had its day ...How do employment references work in the UK?First, let's take a look at some facts related to the references that employers give out. Some of these ...

Published: Tue 11 April 2017

The UK's Social Care Problem in 2017 - Can it Be Fixed?

Skills shortages. Under-payment of staff by some employers. Necessity for huge investment. They say it never rains but it pours, and that certainly seems the case for the social care sector, beleaguered by all the issues above in recent months and years. The role of social care recruitment agencies is, therefore, crucial. Their contribution to the sector though will be made all the more difficult in light of shortages ...

Published: Wed 05 April 2017

What Does Business Think of the 2017 Spring Budget?

Philip Hammond delivered his first Spring Budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer in March and unsurprisingly, the measures caused some consternation and much disagreement. However, the level of the opposition to some of what the Chancellor outlined was such that it resulted in a U-turn in one particular policy. For employers and those going it alone, there's no doubt that this Budget was contentious and it's worth looking ...

Published: Tue 04 April 2017

Why did 4,529 recruitment agencies launch in 2016?

The number of recruitment agencies in the UK is on the rise. In 2016, there were 4,529 recruitment agency startups - a 13.7% increase on the previous year. This has taken the total number of recruitment agencies in the UK to 26,901.But why is now proving to be such a good time to launch a recruitment business?Startups are on the rise across all sectorsThe growth in startup businesses is not unique to the recruitment ...

Published: Tue 04 April 2017

Jack of All Trades? Gain a Specialism and Drive Your Career Forward

It's an oft-heard figure of speech, and be honest, the context in which you hear it generally comes with negative connotations.Jack of all trades. You're good / competent / adequate / satisfactory (delete as appropriate) at many things without being a master of one. Is this actually true though, and can these employees become a master of one industry? Let's take a look. What is a Jack of all trades?Let's get the specifics ...

Published: Wed 29 March 2017

21 Recruitment & HR Blogs and Bloggers You Should Follow in 2017

In 2017, the recruitment & HR industry is more digital savvy than ever before. In addition to online job boards, candidates are increasingly turning to social media to seek out new job opportunities. Recruiters that ignore this avenue could be missing out on a lot of talent, however it's understandable why many do...Dipping your toe into the realm of social media recruitment can be daunting if your skills and experience ...

Published: Tue 21 March 2017
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