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Flexitime assessed

With the work-life balance becoming increasingly one sided, flextime to many is the counterweight that bridges the gap between home and office. The notion of flextime generally requires employees to be in the office for a core time of the day with the periods either side of this being considered optional. While most would probably be inclined to take up the option of not turning in at all, staff are obliged to make up a certain ...

Published: Wed 24 September 2014

Maternity leave rights

There may be a million things on your pre-due day checklist, but 'maternity leave' will inevitably be on there amongst 'read every name from Aaron to Zebedee' and 're-repaint the baby's room.' While all mums-to-be are entitled to some form of maternity leave, learning the full rights and terms of your pregnancy induced absence is about as confusing as installing that new 'state of the art' car seat. Though it might not seem ...

Published: Tue 09 September 2014

Office newbie survival guide; your first day explained

If 80's pop icons *cough* have taught us anything, it's that the work induced dread of a monday morning is as about unwelcome as a Duran Duran tribute act. Now while the words of Geldof and The Bangles is hardly gospel, the familiar sense of foreboding at the start of a working week is nothing when compared to the vexed butterflies born from the prospect of a new job. Embarking on a new career path is one of life's guaranteed ...

Published: Tue 09 September 2014

How to deal with a smelly employee

People come in all different shapes, sizes and unfortunately smells and a pungent aroma can have a negative impact on workplace morale, teamwork and relationships between your team. Despite it being an awkward topic to confront someone about, it should not be left to fester. The employee is representing your company and you don't want to leave potential clients with a bad taste in their mouth.Dealing With ComplaintsAs a manager ...

Published: Tue 09 September 2014

Superheroes with normal jobs

Much like crime, being a superhero doesn't pay. So that means that the secret identities behind the masks need paid employment, Superman's Clark Kent is a journalist, Daredevil's Matt Murdock is a lawyer and Batman's Bruce Wayne throws around an endless amount of money.However in this day and age, it's not easy to live on the wages of a part time job, and it's even harder to maintain a day job when you have to leave early every ...

Published: Tue 09 September 2014

5 tips for stay at home parents going back to work

With the school bell beckoning young minds back into the classroom, many stay at home parents will be considering the prospect of going back to work. While some will be apprehensive, the majority of parents will be looking forward to grown up conversation and rediscovering an identity that exceeds three letters. While going back to work can be daunting, there's no reason why this transition from Iggle Piggle to the Rat Race ...

Published: Thu 04 September 2014

How to deal with a difficult employee

Every office has them. Whether it's the short fuse, chronic procrastinator or rebel without a cause, all employers will eventually find themselves up against a difficult employee at one time or another. Despite recruitment agencies limiting the cost of a bad hire, the law of the vital few suggests that 80% of a manager's staff problems are most likely caused by 20% of the workforce. Now while this is a somewhat generalised and ...

Published: Wed 27 August 2014

Is social media helping or hurting employers?

As social media continues to redefine what we mean by 'social,' employers have long cottoned on to the potential benefits that the digital age could hold for them. While recruitment agencies may be working on plans to either reject or friend the Mark Zuckerberg revolution, businesses are reportedly flourishing with their new found ability to personally source and analyse their own candidates. While social media has given employers ...

Published: Thu 21 August 2014

5 signs it's time to leave your job

Nobody ever said that life would be one big party, but they also failed to mention how quickly  aspiration and youthful exuberance could be traded in for stability, drudgery and a regular pay cheque.With the state pension age set to rise between now and 2020, the working population in the UK won't be able to enjoy retirement until their mid-sixties, with those yet to enter the labour market expected to remain in employment ...

Published: Tue 19 August 2014

Top 100 employers recruiting graduates

With memories of Spaghetti Hoop dining and Jeremy Kyle marathons beginning to take their place in the wine cellar of the limbic system, students up and down the country are taking that jump into the icy cold water that is the real world. Barely half of all graduates will find themselves employed six months after returning their cap and gown, with the majority failing to land a position in a degree related field. The responsibility ...

Published: Fri 15 August 2014
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