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Highest paying tech jobs in 2015

Tech jobs are everywhere and as the IT Industry continues to develop into new and exciting areas, it is accompanied by an array of complicated and seemingly ambiguous job titles.If you're wondering which discipline is best for your bank account, or you're just curious about the state of the industry, here is a selection of some of the highest paying tech jobs in 2015. If after reading this you decide you want a job in the IT ...

Published: Wed 29 April 2015

Overcoming fear of failure; workplace and personal anxiety

It can be tough to accept that you might have a fear of failure. But it can be something that will seriously hold you back in life, possibly without you even realising. That's why we put together some quick and easy life-hacks that will allow you to boost your career to new levels. Want to be more attractive, earn more and enjoy life more even on bad days? Read on ...What are your goals at the minute? Find a job? Grow your personal ...

Published: Wed 29 April 2015

Best Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

It's said that money can't buy you manners - but we're here to show you that manners can buy you money - because good ones make all the difference when applying for a job! Learn how to put yourself ahead of other candidates and impress a potential employer with our quick and easy guide to the dark art of interview follow-up!Don't forget to say thank you!Ever been waiting in line somewhere and noticed the person in front fail ...

Published: Wed 22 April 2015

How employers can manage stress within the workplace

Happy workers are productive workers but when the nine till overtime becomes too much, employers can soon find themselves having to address the pitfalls of staff burnout. Whether it's an infinite workload, 24/7 emails or just a fast paced environment, the high demands made of modern workers means that employers need to know how to manage stress within the workplace. What are the signs of workplace stress?Employers ...

Published: Tue 21 April 2015

How to cover recruitment gaps on your CV

Whether through choice or circumstance, a long career will inevitably lead to some employment holes that can be difficult to justify to sceptical employers.Life has a habit of occasionally derailing career progression with long-term employment often only being possible at the whim of family, health and the economy. If you're not sure how to approach these absences when applying for a job, then read our tips on how to cover recruitment ...

Published: Tue 14 April 2015

Win the job hunt race: The Grand National 2015

Forget the horses, the Grand National job hunt is the most hotly contested race of the year with candidates constantly jostling for position to be the first to cross the 'you're hired' finish line. Whether you're a fresh faced foal or a veteran runner, read our top race tips to improve your odds of making that final hurdle. Don't be afraid to start from the backIf you're a senior professional whose entering the job ...

Published: Thu 09 April 2015

6 top qualities for a new manager

Behind every strong employee is an even stronger manager, but entering this revered role of responsibility for the first time can prove to be a baptism of fire for most new bosses. So if you're new to management or just need to brush up on your skills, read our tips on the top 6 qualities needed for a new manager. Organisation'Organisation' may be a term that falls into the category of generic job posting buzzwords ...

Published: Tue 07 April 2015

April Fools' Day guide to office humour

April Fools' Day is a great time to bring some much needed humour to the office, but anything more than an opportunely placed woopie cushion could see your career blown away in one anticlimactic moment.To ensure you don't accidently raspberry yourself into unemployment, we recommend that you read our April Fools' Day guide to office humour.Adhere to the company cultureWhether it runs on the hushed tones of a library or all the ...

Published: Wed 01 April 2015

Why it's okay to love Monday mornings

Okay, so getting out of bed this morning might have been exceptionally difficult and Friday is still another four days away, but we don't think Mondays quite deserve their reputation for being the worst day of the week.Whether you get productive, get prepared or just get positive, we're here to remind you of why it's okay to love Monday mornings. It's another chance for a new startJust like February promptly closes the chapter ...

Published: Thu 26 March 2015

How to make the most of your ONLINE job search

As recruitment continues to firmly cement itself as a virtual process, candidates are required to become internet savvy in order to find their next job. Not everyone's blessed with Google artistry or networking know-how though, so we're here to help you optimise your chances of landing that next role. From navigating social media to getting one up on automated tracking systems, here are our top tips on how to make the most of ...

Published: Tue 24 March 2015
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