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Start 2016 the right way

Well here it is. January. The month that follows December, year on year. The hugely disappointing follow-up to a multi-award winning film. After the Christmas break, which was likely filled with presents and port, heading back to work in January is a daunting thought for all of us. But the night you sang Auld Lang Syne you probably made some 'resolutions' to yourself.After a decade of false promises and 'there's always next ...

Published: Mon 04 January 2016

How Does Santa Claus Recruit Elves to Work in His Factory?

Everyone knows that there's a workshop up at the North Pole that churns out a good percentage of the toys, cookies and candy canes received every Christmas, but you may not have realised that as the world's population grows, more and more workers are needed in order to do this. Every year, agencies all over the world vie to be the official recruitment partner of Father Christmas, as he seeks to fill job roles like Toymaker ...

Published: Mon 21 December 2015

The jobs that help make Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to embrace the spirit than getting paid to contribute to the festivities. Though most yuletide job openings are reserved for retail and catering, there are some weird and wonderful opportunities out there that might be more to your liking. Whether you're trying to stretch your Christmas pay cheque or you fancy feeling festive all year round, these unusual jobs could just be ...

Published: Tue 15 December 2015

Secret Santa Gifts: the best and the worst

Anybody who works in an office environment will be all too familiar with the notion of Secret Santa. The pressure of buying a gift for somebody you know nothing about. The elation when you pull your best friend's name out of the hat. The disappointment when you receive a novelty gift you'll never use. The surprise when you get something you actually like.Secret Santa really is a roller coaster of emotions, but before the anxiety ...

Published: Tue 08 December 2015

Christmas paycheck: top tips to make it last

Lying in the gutter, bruised, battered and worn. The unforgiving bitterness of January doesn't relent, as you desperately try to sew-up the wounds. Yet no matter what you do, the scuffs and scrapes remain. In case you haven't already guessed, I'm talking about your credit card.'Tis the season of the mighty long gap between pay cheques and, coincidently, also the season of frivolous spending and spontaneous jaunts. If you would ...

Published: Mon 30 November 2015

Recruiters: The 5 types of difficult clients

No matter how efficient, how experienced or how savvy you might be as a recruiter, the law of large numbers ensures that you will encounter a difficult client every now and again. How you deal with these clients is arguably the greatest test you'll face on the job and will determine how successful you are. There are however some steps you can take in order to avoid (or at least alleviate) the stress caused by a difficult ...

Published: Tue 24 November 2015

Is there a skill shortage in the Construction Industry?

The UK construction sector is one of the country's leading economic drivers, however a perceived shortage of skilled professionals is becoming a challenge for a field that relies on its workforce more than most. Employers and specialist construction recruitment agencies are experiencing first hand the lack of qualified candidates in the current job market. Though the industry remains a vital area for employment, the ...

Published: Wed 18 November 2015

UK working hours: should they be shorter?

Why do we have a five-day working week? What are the origins of the fabled nine-to-five? A trial of a six-hour working day in another European country recently found that not only were workers happier and less-tired thanks to their newly-improved work/life balance, but also more efficient - delivering higher quality across the board. Could the same approach pay dividends in the UK?Beating the drudgery of the modern office to ...

Published: Tue 10 November 2015

Recruitment: how Guy Fawkes did it

Ladies and gentlemen I invite you all to bask in my floundering attempt at drawing a legitimate comparison between the great tale of the gunpowder plot and that of recruitment. That's right, you read it correctly. In direct relation to their roles in the plot, we look at what positions the key conspirators would have held in a modern day organisation. Crucial information, I know. Aside from being curiously interesting though ...

Published: Tue 03 November 2015

What Halloween Can Teach Employers About Recruitment

Accompanied by gloomy nights and a supernatural chill, Halloween will soon be here to darken our doors and illuminate the occasional jack o'lantern.With the 9 to 5 zombies beginning to loosen their ties, it can be tempting to hide away under the blanket until first light. Even the scariest of experiences can prove to be life lessons though and employers may be able to learn a thing or two from All Hallows' Eve. Whether ...

Published: Fri 23 October 2015
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