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Confessions of a recruiter

In this all-new segment, we shine a spotlight on the secrets of the recruitment world. In doing so, we aim to reveal the biggest recruitment issues of 2016, and (hopefully) share some useful insider tips from recruitment professionals.

We want to know about the potentially problematic parts of the process that need perfecting (now that's alliteration), and understand what solutions you think can be delivered. Below are examples of the kinds of questions we want you to answer:

Do you have any anecdotes or funny recruitment-based tales?Are there any words of advice you would give to a newbie in recruitment?How do you best deal with factors outside of your control, such as unreliable candidates or fussy clients?What are your biggest gripes with the recruitment process as a whole? Are there any recruitment industry survival tips you're willing to share? 
Whatever your confession may be ... 

We want to hear from you!

Submit your story (everything will be kept anonymous) and it could feature in next month's issue! 

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