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Day 11 of 12 days of Christmas - 11 pipers piping: Agency Central's attempt to tell a terrific tongue twister


On the 11th day of Christmas 11 piping pipers provoked us to produce and present prose prone to mispronunciation. In other words, the Agency Central team teamed together to top the tough task of telling a terrific tongue twister.



So strive to say our selection of sentences stocked with synonyms, syllables and suspect semantics and see if you can suggest a seasonal story shaped with sophisticated sentences sapping to say.



"Prancer Picked a Pair of Perfect Presents,



A Pair of Perfect Presents Prancer Picked.



If Prancer Picked another Pair of Perfect Presents,



Two Pairs of Perfect Presents Prancer's Picked."


All of us at Agency Central would like to wish you a very merry Christmas that's a little less tongue tied and a little more Mariah Carey (a lip syncing joke that's festive, oh what joy.)