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Not-for-Profit agencies and organisations represent a significant employment sector in the UK. Although professionals working in this area earn understandably low wages relative to many other industries, careers in Not-for-Profit fields tend to be rewarding, fulfilling, and philanthropic.

The positions most commonly listed and filled by recruitment agencies involve research, policy work, and lobbying. But there are professionals needed in countless areas of the sector, ranging from fieldwork to administrative roles. Salaries typically start at around £12K annually for new entrants to the sector. Top tier earners have incomes in the £40K range, however, and average salaries throughout the UK tend to be about £17-18K. The sector also offers a particularly high number of part-time, apprenticeship, and volunteer positions, all of which can be good ways for young professionals to gain industry experience and build their CV's by contributing to respected social institutions.

Much work in the industry involves travel, and a large percentage of available jobs are to be found in London. Wages in London also tend to be higher than those given elsewhere in the UK. A large proportion of not-for-profit work is politically motivated, and those with interest in Political Science are especially drawn to the sector.


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