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Professionals with advanced language skills have access to a wide range of diverse job opportunities in the UK. Not only do bilingual applicants have a substantial competitive edge over fellow job seekers in countless industries, but there are also a host of careers specifically requiring multilingual experts. Recruitment agencies frequently list employment opportunities for interpreters, translators, mediators, and closed captioning writers. But positions are also available in fields ranging from publishing to diplomatic affairs.

Typically, the lowest 20% of earners in the sector make an annual income of about £15-18K. The average salary throughout the UK for those working in language-related roles is about £23K per year. The highest 10% of earners, however, can expect to make upwards of £30K. Salaries in London tend to be particularly high, and the average there is £29K annually. Linguistic professionals in Scotland, on the other hand, typically earn far less than their counterparts throughout the rest of the UK.

For most positions, academic degrees and special qualifications are unnecessary if candidates can demonstrate a clear proficiency in the language or languages required. Of course, candidates who are fluent in numerous languages are more desirable to most employers than those who are merely bilingual.


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