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With an increase in demand for a flexible working schedule, many professionals are choosing to opt out of conventional full-time work and instead take on non-permanent positions. This has seen a rise in the number of part-time, temporary and contract staff, requiring recruitment agencies to source candidates for some, if not all, of these levels of work.

Part-time positions will see personnel work less days and/or hours than an average full-time job. They can provide a good working platform for those that need to find a particular career and home life balance, while also offering an opportunity for those seeking permanent employment.

Another option for candidates is to apply for temporary vacancies. Temporary workers tend to have a definite end date to their employment with an organisation and can be brought in to cover staff shortages, seasonal peaks or to help run a particular project. The duration of these positions can be anything from one day to a couple of years, and offer a route into work for those who have been unemployed for some time or are looking to gain experience.

Contract work is usually suited to those that have specialist skills that could be in demand for a specific project. Professionals working under these conditions may be hired on a fixed term or ongoing contract and affords them the opportunity to be selective over which jobs they accept. Their niche expertise can command high fees and can lead to a permanent position in an organisation.

Different types of work will suit different candidates and recruitment agencies are usually able to assess potential staff and recommend them for positions that will best suit them and their clients.

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