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Hertfordshire is a county in south east England that lies just north of Greater London. Its main town is Hertford, and many of its other towns serve as commuter areas for people who work in London.

There are both public and private healthcare providers in Hertfordshire that currently have employment opportunities for a wide range of medical staff. Local recruitment agencies advertise positions as varied as hospital porters and consultant surgeons. The private hospitals of Spire Harpenden and Spire Bushey Hospital offer paid for services or those covered by personal medical insurance. Generally, working in the private sector allows people the opportunity to earn larger salaries.

As well as NHS Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council is a major employer of healthcare professionals in the area. Working for the local authority gives auxiliary nurses, occupational therapists, community care operatives and counsellors a chance to work in real communities across the county. Hertfordshire also has a number of GP clinics, drop-in centres and specialist healthcare providers such as dentists and chiropractors - all in need of high-calibre applicants in possession of the necessary qualifications.

Salaries in the county range from £15,000 per year for auxiliary nurses to £120,000 for consultant surgeons. However, working in private practices does give medical workers the opportunity to earn a little more.

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  • The demands on the Health Care industry are greater than ever and Hammond Clarke understands the need to find the most competent staff in the field. Working with us affords clients access to over 10K active candidates as well as a wealth of industry knowledge to deliver for all Health Care positions. Supplying for the areas such as Mental Health, Nursing Homes and the NHS, we work nationwide with a specialist focus on the South East.
    Coverage UK, Europe, Middle East and North America
    • First Floor, Radius House, 51 Clarendon Road, Watford, Herts, WD17 1HP
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