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The healthcare industry never seems far from the headlines, but as the standard and longevity of living improves, it is becoming increasingly important. Despite government cuts, the sector has around 4 million employees across the country and is largely backed by the NHS. The NHS is the largest employer in Europe and is responsible for 1.7 million staff in the UK. There are a number of recruitment agencies who associate themselves with the healthcare industry and look to match the most capable professionals, such as paediatricians and counsellors, with the right clients.

While entering the field is becoming more difficult, salaries can prove to be lucrative depending on your title. Managers and medical practitioners tend to to be the most highly paid areas of healthcare with some earning around £70K, while some nurses and assistant roles fail to earn higher than £20K. In Durham, the average salary for the industry is in the region of £26K which is considerably lower than in other areas of the country. Other health care roles might include practice manager, radiologist, dietician, and medical receptionist.

A graduate route is the most common way into the health profession with specialist skills and knowledge generally being required. Potential surgeons and therapists will undoubtedly need a relevant degree while less skilled roles might still require a diploma or appropriate work experience. The health industry can be a demanding area of employment and the long, unsociable hours can put off many candidates. Staff will also need to be empathetic as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure.

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1 Recruitment Agencies found in County Durham in the Health Care industry
  • CK Associates Limited

    CK Associates Limited trades as CK Science, CK Clinical, CK IT and CK Engineers. We are specialist recruiters in the UK and Europe with 20+ years experience supplying professional, graduate level and above,permanent and contract staff to a wide range of client companies in industries including pharma, biotech, chemicals and healthcare. ISO9001 accredited.
    Coverage Throughout the UK and Europe
    • Rivergreen Centre, Aykley Heads, Durham, County Durham, DH1 5TS
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