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Fashion is a major industry in the UK. Estimates put the industry's annual economic contribution at about £450 billion, and it is a sector that provides employment in a wide variety of fields ranging from design and production to distribution and retail. Despite receiving the most media attention, the fashion design sector only accounts for around £450 million in revenue each year, a relatively small number when compared to the industry as a whole. In terms of employment, the production sector provides jobs for about 100,000 people, while the retail sector has nearly 500,000 employees at more than 200,000 workplaces.

The vast majority of jobs in the fashion industry are based in London, and salaries there also tend to be higher than in other regions of the UK. Common positions listed by recruitment agencies are Textile designer, Fashion Designer, and Administrative Officer. For most junior positions, especially those in retail, salaries start at about £15K. Those with extensive experience in the industry can expect to earn about £30K. Most, however, earn salaries in the £20-£25K range. Arcadia Group and H&M are two of the fastest-growing employers in the industry, and both have been expanding their workforces significantly in recent months.


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