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The economic capital of Ireland, Dublin was, in 2009, rated as one of the top 10 cities in the world for both purchasing power and personal income. While the cost of living in the city is high, there are also plenty of employment opportunities across a variety of sectors.

During the Celtic Tiger period, a number of industries saw a boom in Dublin, including the construction industry. This is an area that continues to employ a large number of people today, with respected industry training centres and the Construction Industry Federation based in the city.

A number of different positions are available in the construction industry in Dublin, with recruitment agencies seeking manual labourers, administrative staff, project managers, site foremen and more. Hourly wages for manual labourers tend to earn between €10 and €20 per hour, while site foremen can be paid between €30,000 and €50,000 per annum.

On the design side, employees can expect salaries of between €16,000 and €90,000 per annum.

For entry-level roles and manual roles, qualifications are normally not necessary. However, those seeking work in the design and administrative areas will find that a degree may be necessary.

Specialist construction recruitment agencies can help you to find a role that best suits your needs. See below for a list of construction recruitment agencies offering roles in Dublin and the surrounding area.

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