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The town of Malvern is located in Worcestershire in the West Midlands of England. Formerly a spa town, Malvern is home to over 28,000 people.
Manufacturing firms provide over 15% of the jobs in Malvern, with recruitment agencies popularly handling vacancies in this industry. The vast majority of the towns manufacturing companies are located in and around the Spring Lane Industrial Estate. Morgan Motor Company is one of Malvern's major employers in this industry, having been based in the town since 1910. Next door to Morgan Motor Company is Chance Brothers, a glass tubing and microscope slide manufacturer.
In addition to its role in British manufacturing, Malvern is known for its rich agricultural history, being home to the 70-acre Three Counties Showground, the venue of the annual Three Counties Show. This show is amongst the UK's most important agricultural shows and attracts around 93,000 visitors each year. The showground also hosts the Royal Horticultural Society's annual Spring Gardening Show.
Aside from manufacturing and agricultural jobs, Malvern provides countless employment opportunities for science and technology staff. Malvern Hills Science Park is where over 30 science and technology firms, including Textlocal and Goodrich Corporation, can be found. These firms collectively provide jobs for 20% of the town's working population.
In 2012, Malvern's unemployment rate was just 5.1%, which was lower than the national average of 7.9%. Its full-time workers received an average weekly salary of £445.90, just a few pounds short of the average for the West Midlands.

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