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The small city of Salisbury in the ceremonial county of Wiltshire is the only city in this picturesque county in the south west of England.
While once the most prominent city in the region, Salisbury's place as economy leader in Wiltshire gave way to Swindon, with its canals and railways, once industrialisation came to pass. Salisbury remained an agricultural area, and, while it is still a picture postcard place, its economy is now surprisingly vibrant in spite of its appearance.
The city has about 5,500 firms, a large proportion of which are small and employ only a handful of staff each. Salisbury, however, still has an impressively low unemployment rate and is growing as a centre for science and technology in the UK. A number of other sectors are migrating towards the city too, including pharmaceutical, defence and healthcare. Alongside these burgeoning industries, Salisbury is in line with the rest of the country by making services is biggest economic drive.
Let's not forget the importance of tourism to the area too, thanks to Salisbury's historic and untouched architecture and attractive setting. Recruitment agencies find employment for jobs relating to this sector, from hotels to restaurants and shops, which provide about 1 in every 5 opportunities in the city.
The largest employers in the city include the NHS, Salisbury City Council, the Ministry of Defence, Health Protection Agency and the Defence Science and Technology based at Boscombe Down Airfield.

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