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Chippenham is one of the largest towns in the county of Wiltshire, with Bath to its west and London to its east. It is an important centre for employment, and has attracted a number of large employers due to its great transport links (M4 and mainline Paddington to Plymouth rail services.)

The towns population has grown rapidly over the past decade, and is currently estimated to be just over 42,000. This is likely to be due to the development of several large housing estates and new suburbs, with further housing developments planned over the next few years. It is now the second most-populated town in Wiltshire, after Swindon, and offers a wealth of employment opportunities, many of which are advertised through recruitment agencies.

Several large businesses have made the area their home, including Wincanton PLC, Invensys, De Marchi Engineering, Bathwick Tyres, Avon Rubber, Multiquip, CPI Antony Rowe Ltd., Blade, LF Windows, and Chippenham Accident Repairs.

On average, staff earn almost £500 gross per week, and figures released in late 2012 show that the rate of unemployment is continuing to fall in the area. The county of Wiltshire has also recently secured two large investment boosts from the Governments Regional Growth Fund.

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