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The town of Pudsey is actually now a part of the city of Leeds, but it lies equidistant between Bradford and Leeds city centres in West Yorkshire.
The town's proximity to two major UK cities means that many residents actually commute to their places of work. However, Pudsey still has its own vibrant retail sector. The local authority has made efforts to increase spending in local shops with the Pudsey Business Forum and the Pudsey Local Shop Campaign. The result has been a slight resurgence in consumer spending within the town, and many jobs in the local economy have been created as a result.

Pudsey is actually one of the few success stories to come out of Leeds in the last five years, as the unemployment rate stood at only 3.7 percent in January of 2013, according to official statistics from Nomis. This figure is put into perspective considering the percentage of local residents claiming jobseeker's allowance across the city of Leeds was 5 percent according to the same survey.

Recruitment agencies in Pudsey are currently hiring for a wide range of roles including those in the retail, managerial, clerical and professional sectors. Administrative staff account for the single largest grouping of employees in the area, and there is evidence to suggest that the unemployment problems in the area are beginning to subside.

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