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Keighley is a town in the Borough of the City of Bradford, West Yorkshire. It has a population of over 89, 000, and is the third largest civil parish in England. Industry in the town has historically been textile-based, with wool and cotton processing the most significant. There was also a number of factories producing textile machinery, including Dean, Smith & Grace, whose factories remained in commission until 2008.
Today, Keighley's employment has shifted towards professional and technical professions, however this is still 2% less than the national average. Amongst these are public sector and private employers, including Keighley Trade Union Council. 23% of jobs in the area are in leisure, sales & customer service jobs and a major employer of staff is Magnet Kitchens (one of the largest employers in the area). 12% of the workforce is employed in manufacturing roles, at companies such as Knight Engineers Ltd an air conditioning provider and sign maker Oddball Designs.
Although Keighley's manufacturing industries that have dominated its history have dwindled over the last couple of decades, the sector continues to play a key part in employment in the region. Many roles can be found through recruitment agencies, which list both permanent and temporary jobs in this field. 32% of the population of Keighley have NVQ4 or above in line with the national average and in 2012 the weekly median income was £489.50.

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